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Suit Of Swords
Ace Of Swords
Clear vision, the sword cuts through all obstacles. As with all swords there are battles to be won, but strength and courage will win the day.
Two Of Swords
Friendship in a time of crisis, a decision as to be made logically. A fight normally a verbal battle.
Three Of Swords
Heart ache, and ending of a relationship, divorce. Signifies that there may be three people who get hurt in a relationship. Obstacles now being removed that cause pain.
Four Of Swords
A need to rest, maybe following surgery. Visits to medical professions, not necessarily personal.
Five Of Swords
Defeat or loss, a change of direction is necessary to avoid further conflict. If you are involved in an argument, now is the time to stand down.
Six Of Swords
Movement away from danger. Listen to your spirit guide advice is being offered. Being with others who are in the same situation. A positive direction to go in.
Seven Of Swords
Dishonesty and lies, a need for dishonesty to get out of a tricky situation. Direct confrontation will not work.
Eight Of Swords
A run of bad luck and restrictions. Feeling trapped and blind to what is going on around you. Forget your pride and ask for help.
Nine Of Swords
Slander and people gossiping behind your back causing mental anguish. Female health issues, sleepless nights and anxiety. Self guilt.
Ten Of Swords
Considered to be the worst card in the deck. Shows the lowest point in your life, but as you are at the lowest point things can and will get better.
Page Of Swords
A quick witted intelligent youngster. Can adapt quickly to any situation. The page may bring news and gossip.
Knight Of Swords
A fast moving person who is easily bored, need constant stimulation to stay interested. The type of person who is in your life one minute and gone the next.
Queen Of Swords
An independent person who likes music and the arts, very alert and doesn't miss a trick, not to be underestimated.
King Of Swords
This person is usually in a position of trust or authority. Doctor, Lawyer. Stays very calm in sticky situations, can show little emotion.
Images from the Marseilles tarot deck, which due the the age of the design are now believed to be public domain.