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Suit Of Pentacles
Ace Of Pentacles
Ace Of Pentacles
Beginning of prosperity, a firm foundation on which to go head with investments and business plans. Financial stability or maybe a win.
Two Of Pentacles
Two Of Pentacles
A need to keep an eye on your spending, stretching finances to make ends meet. Problems with cash flow.
Three Of Pentacles
Three Of Pentacles
The use of talents to make profit, envy from those around you. High achievements rising above others. Sometimes a move of job or home.
Four Of Pentacles
Material security, holding on to possessions or money forĀ  future events. Savings and investments.
Five Of Pentacles
Loss of money due to others, be careful to whom you loan money to. Money lost on idol pleasure such as gambling.
Six Of Pentacles
Generosity, charity, hidden talents that could make you money. Financial support.
Seven Of Pentacles
Slow growth and investments, saving for the future, the work is done, but you are waiting for some results, a little more patience is needed.
Eight Of Pentacles
Long term planning for the future, learning new skills, higher education in order for a longer term job or career. A need to revaluate a situation to make it work.
Nine Of Pentacles
Material comfort, rewards for work well done, the time to enjoy the benefits of your labour. Spending money for pleasure.
Ten Of Pentacles
Family traditions, possibly inheritance, Family business success. Good relationship with family. Can also indicate birth and or marriage.
Page Of Pentacles
This person is someone who has little money but good ideas and prospects. Good news about money.
Knight Of Pentacles
This person is someone who takes the lead and accepts responsibility and leaves nothing to chance. Good news regarding exam results and higher education.
Queen Of Pentacles
A sensible down to earth person who has a good head for business, although sometimes moody, a very caring nature.
King Of Pentacles
A practical, level headed person, normally represents a bank manager or a boss.
Images from the Marseilles tarot deck, which due the the age of the design are now believed to be public domain.