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Suit Of Cups
Ace Of Cups
The start of love, new creativity, love, marriage and birth are all signified by this card. All affairs of the heart will prosper.
Two Of Cups
Love, commitment and understanding between two people. Show deep and lasting emotional relationships.
Three Of Cups
Reunions and celebrations are signified with this card. Weddings and births are also signified.
Four Of Cups
Boredom and dissatisfaction with current situation normally associated with relationships, the spark has gone, a need to rekindle the love.
Five Of Cups
Sorrow, loss of a relationship is indicated with this card, although two of the cups are tipped over there are three still standing so there is still hope.
Six Of Cups
This card signifies memories from the past, in particular as far back as childhood. Also signifies someone from your past making an appearance, maybe an old school friend or lover.
Seven Of Cups
Choices, dreams and ideas, a need to make a decision although there are many options. This card is saying that intuition is need to find the right way to go.
Eight Of Cups
This card suggests that you are searching for something better than you already have. Don't be afraid to venture, follow you heart. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained".
Nine Of Cups
Excellent social activities, new friends and associates. Very happy and content with oneself.
Ten Of Cups
Putting ideas into reality, Group activity, friendship and ease of communication.
Page Of Cups
A young person who is emotional in nature and tends to need a lot of affection and is venerable. If the person is male then he will tend to be quiet feminine and if a girl, tends to be a tomboy.
Knight Of Cups
This person tends to be a faithful friend or lover. He  brings offers and opportunities. Poetic and graceful.
Queen Of Cups
This person is loyal and often relies on intuition for answers. Normally very gifted in the arts.
King Of Cups
A sensuous intelligent person who is wise and uses intuition. Although seems isolated this person prefers it this way.
Images from the Marseilles tarot deck, which due the the age of the design are now believed to be public domain.