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What Is Tarot?
Tarot is probably one of the most well known, oldest and most popular of all divination techniques. There is nothing mysterious about the tarot cards and nothing to fear from them, after all they are only cards. As with all divination methods Tarot is just a tool, a mental focus for the mind, it's how the individual receives and interprets the information that counts.

Tarot consists of 78 cards in total and are divided into 2 sections the "Major Arcana" and the "Minor Arcana". The word "Arcana" is said to mean mysteries or secrets. The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards and deals with major life issues and the Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards and are divided into suites: Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles and deals with the more detailed issues in the reading.
You can also use standard playing cards as well, known as Cartomancy, albeit without a Major Arcana.

Wands = Clubs
Cups = Hearts
Swords = Spades
Pentacles = Diamonds
Some readers only use the Major Arcana to read with, but personally I feel the reading can be to vague this way, it's best to use all the cards. Also some readers used reversed cards, but again this is personal preference. There are enough cards in the pack without having to use reversed cards and as I said earlier the cards are just a focus for the reader, when I read tarot the cards are just a tool for me to focus on, the information I get comes into my mind.

As with any psychic or spiritual work it comes down to personal preference, there are no set rules to follow, it's how you feel is the best way for you.
Major Arcana
The Fool
Card No: 0
Attribute: Air
Meaning: Child like enthusiasm, awakening perceptions of the world, mental spontaneity leading either to folly or wisdom, beginning and adventure without thinking about the consequences, all or nothing attitude.
The Magician
Card No: 1
Attribute: Mercury
Meaning: Exploring the consciousness leads to wisdom, using tools of the trade to create what you want in life, using spiritual forces to get what you want, communication of higher energies. The magician is also very good at creating illusions.
The High Priestess
Card No: 2
Attribute: Moon
Meaning: Wisdom and knowledge revealed through the use of intuition, forces of nature and psychic abilities, healing magic, destiny, emotional balance derived from foresight.
The Empress
Card No: 3
Attribute: Venus
Meaning: The path of harmony through emotional conflict, fertility and harmonising with nature, creating life leading to leaving the past behind and starting a new.
The Emperor
Card No: 4
Attribute: Aries
Meaning: Using will to overcome subconscious conflicts that may have come about from a past life. Confidence created by taking chances, doing things your own way to find the truth.
The Hierophant
Card No: 5
Attribute: Taurus
Meaning: The ability to turn raw material into spiritual energy, awareness of spiritual energies and channelling that energy such as a healer ritual advice and teachings from guides.
The Lovers
Card No: 6
Attribute: Gemini
Meaning: Choices, learning to control outside forces, friendship and love in its purest form. Knowing right from wrong, freedom of choice, accepting things as they are. It's better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.
The Chariot
Card No: 7
Attribute: Cancer
Meaning: Conflicting choices, life seems to be going in a direction that you seem to have no control over. Having or needing the power to take control of a situation. Can also indicate travel and life's journey.
Card No: 8
Attribute: Leo
Meaning: Having the courage to face up to your problems and fears, by doing so brings greater knowledge and wisdom. Conquering the self is the greatest battle. Taking the necessary action leading to success.
The Hermit
Card No: 9
Attribute: Virgo
Meaning: Quiet reflection and meditation bring about peace of mind and clear vision. Spending time alone, a situation that only you can deal with alone or know the answer to. Searching for spiritual truth and wisdom.
Wheel Of Fortune
Card No: 10
Attribute: Jupiter
Meaning: What goes around comes around, relates to the karmic law. Greater understanding comes from patience and time. Reversal of the current situation. Unpredictable circumstances, could go either way. Sudden and unexpected change.
Card No: 11
Attribute: Libra
Meaning: Balance and harmony, law and justice the righting of a wrong. Physical balance brings about emotional balance. Life is starting to level out and become more stable.
The Hanged Man
Card No: 12
Attribute: Neptune and Water
Meaning: Making sacrifices in order to move one, letting go of the past. A situation where you seem to be restricted and seem to have no control. Having faith.
Card No: 13
Attribute: Scorpio
Meaning: Contrary to popular belief very rarely does this card mean physical death. This card represents transformation "out with old in with new" a whole new beginning. The end of a bad phase and the start of a new phase.
Card No: 14
Attribute: Sagittarius
Meaning: Creating a balance of physical and emotional aspects of yourself, accepting that life has its ups and downs. Letting life take its course, go with the flow.
The Devil
Card No: 15
Attribute: Capricorn
Meaning: Overcoming the trappings of physical life. Relates to greed and power, someone who is possessive in nature. Breaking free form obstacles and entrapments. Avoid temptation.
The Tower
Card No: 16
Attribute: Mars
Meaning: Sudden change that happens out of the blue, giving you no time to think about what's happening. Old patterns replaced with new ways of thinking and doing things. Unexpected disruptions and confusion.
The Star
Card No: 17
Attribute: Aquarius
Meaning: Wishes and prayers coming to bear, accepting guidance from a spiritual source. The power of astrology. Hope and expectations.
The Moon
Card No: 18
Attribute: Pisces
Meaning: Deception and trickery, past influences prevent you from moving on with your life. Also represents the deeper darker side of your subconscious and inner conflicts and emotions. Listening to too many opinions leading to confusion.
The Sun
Card No: 19
Attribute: Sun
Meaning: Happiness and contentment, considered to be the best card in the pack. Spiritual freedom, complete peace of mind and satisfaction. Energy, health and wealth.
Card No: 20
Attribute: Pluto and Fire
Meaning: Forgiveness, accepting faults and our mistakes brings about a new sense of direction and well being. Rebirth, finding news ways and new truths, Honesty and truth brings greater spiritual awareness.
The World
Card No: 21
Attribute: Saturn
Meaning: Transformation and completion the ability to see the whole picture for a greater understanding, creativity and artistic expression, Things making sense and feeling a oneness with everything.
Note: In some tarot decks the "The Hierophant" is sometimes called "The Pope" and "Justice" is sometimes numbered as number 8 and "Strength" number 11.

Images from the Marseilles tarot deck, which due the the age of the design are now believed to be public domain.
Minor Arcana
The Minor Arcana is split into 4 suits Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles.
Wands (click to view page)
Element: Fire
Key Words: Life and Energy.
Meanings: The Wands represent fire, inspiration, spirituality, action, initiative, and the psyche.

Cups (click to view page)
Element: Water
Key Words: Feelings and Emotions.
Meanings: The Cups symbolize water, emotions, purity, and your outlook toward life and the future.
Swords (click to view page)
Element: Air
Key Words: Thoughts and Actions.
Meanings: Swords signify air, determination, strength, faith and conquering of fear.

Pentacles (click to view page)
Element: Earth
Key Words: Physical and Material.
Meanings: Pentacles denote finances, social influence, worldly knowledge, and your connection with nature and earth.
Sign Age/Gender Card
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
(Fire Sign)
Male Over 35
Female Over 35
Male Under 35
Female Under 35
King Of Wands
Queen Of Wands
Knight Of Wands
Page Of Wands
Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio
(Water Sign)
Male Over 35
Female Over 35
Male Under 35
Female Under 35
King Of Cups
Queen Of Cups
Knight Of Cups
Page Of Cups
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
(Air Sign)
Male Over 35
Female Over 35
Male Under 35
Female Under 35
King Of Swords
Queen Of Swords
Knight Of Swords
Page Of Swords
Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
(Earth Sign)
Male Over 35
Female Over 35
Male Under 35
Female Under 35
King Of Pentacles
Queen Of Pentacles
Knight Of Pentacles
Page Of Pentacles

Card Spreads
There are many spreads in tarot, but the most common one is the Celtic Cross. You can also use the same spread as described on the Runes page.

Before shuffling the deck find out what their significator card is and remove it from the deck and place it face up on the table or wherever you may be reading. I personally never use a significator, but it comes down to personal preference.

After shuffling the deck, fan them out on a flat surface and ask the person you are reading for to choose ten cards, normally when I do this I ask them to close their eyes and let their hand be guided to choose the ten cards. Make sure you note which order the cards come out, for example the first card they choose will be card 1, the second card 2 etc.

After they have chosen the ten cards, lay them out as follows.
Position Meanings
Card 1: Current Influences
Shows the current situation around you at this present time and the general direction of the reading.

Card 2: Obstacles
Shows the current obstacles around you at this present time.

Card 3: Specific Goals
Shows the desired aims, goals and dreams and what is likely best to be achieved at this moment in time.

Card 4: Past Foundations
Shows the situations from the past that may have caused the current situation.

Card 5: Past Events
Shows more recent events that are starting to fade out.
Card 6: Future Influences
Shows the current obstacles around you at this present time.

Card 7: About You
Shows more about you and how you feel about the current situation.

Card 8: Home Life
Shows the influences around you regarding other people at home or work.

Card 9: Hopes and Fears
Shows the current hopes and fears and indicates the most likely road you will take.

Card 10: Final Outcome
Shows the outcome or solution to the problem.
Obviously this is just a guide, once you have the basics your psychic intuition should fill in the gaps during the reading by giving specific information.