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What Are Spirit Guides?
Spirit guides and spirit people in general can present themselves in all kinds of ways such as bodily shapes, lights, white and grey mists, shadows, smells, sounds, thoughts and feelings, guides can appear physically or be sensed through a variety of ways, they can be family members or higher evolved beings, although it's rare for family members or friends to guide you in areas of development as this is work of the more advanced and higher spirit energies.

Family members especially those guides we call Doorkeepers, Gatekeepers or "Guardian Angels"  these guides are with us through all of our earth life, although commonly great ancestors they are not limited to great ancestors, mine is my Great Grandfather, he kind of decides who he lets in so to speak like other guides for example. I always find it a good idea to find out who your gatekeeper or doorkeeper is, this can help you to find out who your other guides are. Also family members can help us with those smaller problems in life and help to keep us on the right track.

The higher evolved spirits tend to be Native American Indians, the reason we have higher guides like these with development is they have great spiritual knowledge and are used to working along side lower vibrations such as ours. We don't have to have an Indian as a guide, many people have Egyptians, Romans, Vikings and Monks and Nuns, all depending on our own individual needs and level of development.
In my experience we can have many guides, each assigned to their own job, you will find you will have many guides come in an out in early stages of your development, as you progress and advance in your development you will need more advanced guides to help you. As you become more developed you'll find that guides will stay around much longer to work with you. We can all communicate with spirit without guide but with a guide working with you the messages are more controlled and much easier to understand, most guides will pass on messages from loved ones, while other times you may get messages directly from a loved one.

Receiving messages through a guide is much easier because you are already attuned to the guides vibration rather then having to attune to individual spirit vibrations, mediums who have guides will often work on a lower vibration since it's closer to our plane and easier for a guide to work this way. Most guides will work on a lower vibration no matter how evolved they are, simply because the higher the vibration the less likely you will be able to tune it and be unable to communicate with your guide. Since we are working on a lower vibration protection is important, you can learn about protection here and more about vibration here

Also in early stages it can be confusing as we can be aware of so many different spirit energies around us and it's hard to tell whose our main guide for development, I have been aware of so many different spirit energies, spirit energies that I thought was my guide. I've been aware of a monk, 2 different Indians and a few other energies. All this was confusing as I didn't know who my guide was out of all these, but I had a meditation a few years back which help me to understand why there seemed to be be so many spirit guides around and I hope this can help you to understand why too.

During the meditation I was shown a small brick building surrounding a tent, the tent was supposed to represent me and the small brick building around it was my mediumship and protection building up to the next level. First I saw one of these energies laying the foundations for this small building, then another starting to build and another sorting the roof out with wood etc.
The point here was to help to me understand why so many of these energies were in and out. We can look at it like this, when a house a built you need someone to lay the foundations, then bricklayers, carpenters, plasters etc, it's no good the plasterer coming until the bricks are up, it's no good the carpenter to come in until the roof is ready to be put on. So we could all use this to view our own development, each spirit may come in and out to do a certain job, until one job is done the other spirit person cant do their job. So next time you wonder about why there are so many spirit people coming in an out during your development, just remember the above, it helped me to understand.

Most guides will give you easy to remember names, you may have heard of such name as, "White Owl" "White Cloud" "Running Bear", these may not be their real names, they give theses name so you can easily remember them. I've met many people who have the same name of guide, but this doesn't matter, there just names. You will find that some guides won't even give a name, this is ok too, spirit normally say that names are unimportant, but personally I like to know who I'm talking to, just as if I was on the phone, I like to know who I'm communicating with.

As mentioned above in early stages of development you will get guides that are constantly in and out, so you may not get time to attune to them enough to actually get their name as they maybe only here for a short while for a specific purpose.

Not only do we have guides in spirit but we do meet people for a reason, as kind of earth guides sent by spirit to help us through difficult situations, whether it's just someone to talk to, or someone that offers us advice, I believe these people we meet are sent to help and guide us. We don't really notice this until we look back a few months and suddenly think "ahhh" now I see why I met this person, it's happened to me lots of times and I'm sure you could think of a few too.
Types Of Spirit Guide
Gatekeeper/Doorkeeper/Guardian Angels
Theses are some of the names that are given to guides that are with us through out our earthly lives. These guides are the ones that try to guide and protect through our day to day living and are responsible for letting other guides come in when appropriate, letting in others such as guides that help us with different aspects of our lives, guides that help us with developing mediumship etc. These guides are more often ancestors, great grandfathers, grandmothers aunts etc but are not limited ancestors. When developing it's always a good idea to find out who your gatekeeper, doorkeeper, guardian angel, call them what you will is, as these are the ones who let other guides in to work with you.

Note: In the below paragraph are my own personal thoughts on angels and is not to be taken as gospel as I cant say 100% whether angels can or cant communicate with us or even if they do truly exist. I can only offer my thoughts based on what I already know about spirit and other writings such as the bible and you can make your own mind up on what to believe.

It's said that true angels are not guides they are messengers of god and have no connection to earthly vibrations. My personal thoughts on this are that angels have only stemmed from the bible and nowhere else and would be of such a high vibration that it would be very difficult to be aware of them. The problem is so many people see pictures and paintings of angels in books with wings and halos and this puts the image of what a so called angel looks like into their minds thus they see a typical angel image with wings and a halo. Wings and halos were supposedly given to angels by artists in paintings so we could identify them as spiritual beings, so we could tell who was human and who was spirit within the picture. Even if you read through the bible no where does it say that angels have wings only cherubim which are said to be totally different higher energies than angels altogether. I personally think that no one on this earth could know what a true angel looks like, that's of course if they do truly exists, although a guide can appear to you in any form they wish, If you see your guide as typical angel image from a book and your comfortable with that image then that's fine.

Spirit Guides
The term Spirit Guides often covers a broad range of guides that are helping you with mediumship, psychic development or healing, so when someone asks Who is your spirit guide? they are normally referring to the guide that is with you for mediumship, psychic development or healing. These guides can come and go as we progress with development, this why sometime when we get so far in development we suddenly hit a block and get nothing, this is most commonly because that the guide who was with you has done their job and can do no more for you, this is where a new guide will step in. When a new guide comes in it can take a while for us to get used to their energies and theirs to ours, this why sometimes when we feel blocked is more than likely that there is a new guide coming in. Although I will point out at this point that guides can hold back if they feel we are not ready to go further either through fear or stress or maybe there's something in your life that needs more attention than development. These guides are commonly American Indians, Gurus, Ancient Teachers. Often theses guides are very old in the sense they go back many years as they have been in the spirit world for a long time and are wise and knowledgeable, this is why they are good for development.

Earth Guides
Earth guides are not spirit as such although all humans have a spirit. These are real people that are sent to us for a reason, to help us through a part of out lives a good example of this can be found in the famous poem "A Season for a Reason" Another point to cover here is that spirit can rarely appear as a real person, in actual solid human form, I personally at the time of writing this have never seen this, well I don’t think I have!
Meet Your Spirit Guide
Take some deep slow breaths, and calm your whole body, Until you feel relaxed. Try to slow down, becoming so relaxed that your heartbeat slows down, withdraw into yourself yet be aware. You can ask to see whomever you wish, but remember you can't make spirit communicate with you, in the times I've done this I have seen my Great Grandfather, but mainly I see my guide.

Next take a small hand mirror and stare into it after a while you will see like a white mist, you may also see your own aura this will be like a white outline around your head and shoulders, you may even see very pale colours. In this exercise we are concerned with the white mist that you will see start to emerge around your face. At this point you may be a little frightened, I know I was the first time I tried it, but there is nothing to fear spirit cannot harm you, after all we too are spirit. After a while this mist will become a face, some people say they do not recognise who they see, but this is normal. When I did it the first time I saw an old man, I can't say for certain he was an Indian, but I felt an Indian presence. What I always do after this exercise is write everything down, what I felt, what I saw, any smells that came and any noises you may hear. Each time you do this exercise your experiences will be different, but keep notes as I did you can look back at what you experienced and you will start to get to know your guide better.

If your stood or sat in front of a mirror doing this make sure the wall or background behind is white, if you laying down while doing this make sure again the background is white, if you have coloured pillows use a white sheet or pillow case to cover them. The reason for this is explained on the auras page.
Always use protection before attempting any psychic/spiritual exercises.
Meet Your Spirit Guide Hypnosis
PART 1: Suitable for beginners. Meet your spirit guide is a powerful hypnosis session to help with meeting your spirit guides. The recording uses hypnotic techniques to help achieve this. The running time is approx. 28 minutes. For best results use stereo headphones while laying down in a safe quiet place.
PART 2: Suitable for advanced users who already know their guides and special place to meet. The recording uses hypnotic techniques to help achieve this. The running time is approx. 28 minutes. For best results use stereo headphones while laying down in a safe quiet place.