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In about the first or second century AD the Germanic peoples of Northern Europe began using an alphabet called runes. According to Norse myth the runes came from Odin, the one eyed god of the occult. The Norse rune Masters would use runes to predict future events, heal, protect and to control the weather.

You can make your own runes from stones, pebbles, cards or even pieces of wood, I made my own once from wood, by burning the symbols into the wood with a soldering iron, then put clear wood varnish on to protect them or you can design them on your computer using a paint program, like I have in the rune set images below, then you can print them out and laminate them.

The layout below is based on answering a specific question. To read the runes relax your mind and spread the runes face down and shuffle them, then when your ready pick out seven runes, I find it best to close my eyes while choosing the runes and let my hand be guided, but choose the runes as you feel best for you. After choosing your runes lay them out as shown in the picture below.
Rune 1
Gives information about the individual.

Runes 2 & 3
Show the background influences regarding the question.

Runes 4, 5 & 6
Gives the solution to the question or possible influences that will come about to guide you to the answer.

Rune 7
Will give the outcome or what to do next regarding the question.
Rune Meanings
Note: These meanings are general and are based on the Elder Futhark Runes. Runes have a much deeper spiritual meaning and intuition always plays a part during a reading to give specific information.
1.Fehu (cattle)
This rune represents money and wealth but with it also comes responsibility and power to keep what we have.
2.Uruz (Auroch/wild ox)
This rune represents strength, stamina and healing, when used to help others it can bring personal satisfaction.
3.Thurisaz (thorn)
This is a rune of protection. It symbolizes the power of resistance and sudden changes without warning.
4.Ansuz (divine breath)
This is the rune of divine force, the power of god, spiritual realms and all that is. With this rune no matter how bad things may seem your faith will get you through.
5.Raidho (wheel)
This is rune represent movement and the things we need to get where we are going, it's also information being exchanged making communication easier on a physical and spiritual level.
6.Kenaz (torch)
This is the rune of knowledge, teaching and learning. It represents a torch which provides us with light that can help us see things clearly.
7.Gebo (gift)
This is the gift that brings connections between people through exchange and communication with higher forces. Rewards we gain from helping others.
8.Wunjo (joy)
This is a rune of joy and happiness,  a feeling of well being and satisfaction. It can also mean that good news is on its way.
9.Hagalaz (hailstone)
This is a rune of transformation, slowly being moved from a bad phase to good phase. Restrictions being lifted from your current circumstances.
10.Naudhiz (need)
This rune represents need, often restricted because we don't have what we need to move forward. Restriction are usually there because it's not the right time to move forward.
11.Isa (ice)
This rune represents delays or a sudden halt in you circumstances. This rune can also represent an unstoppable force to which there is nothing we can do except sit it out.
12.Jera (harvest)
This rune represents harvest, we shall reap what we sow. An end of a cycle in our lives or a situation. Karmic law can often be represented by this rune, what has gone around is now coming around to you.
13.Eihwaz (yew tree)
This rune often represents birth and death, out with the old in with the new, regeneration of old ways and situations.
14.Perdhro (dice cup)
This rune represents uncertainty, a situation could go either way. Skill, knowledge and use of the mind are needed to find hidden secrets which can help us define the outcome.
15.Elhaz (elk)
This rune is the ultimate protection, with this rune things are stopped before they can even get to us. This is an ideal rune to help with physical/spiritual and psychic protection.
16.Sowulo (sun)
This rune gives us the power of the sun to give us light, energy and to help healing and growth. This rune will help us to see everything we need to move forward with no obstacles.
17.Teiwaz (god)
This rune represent sacrifice, in order for you to move forward there is a need to give something else up. This rune is good for legal issues only if you are in the right to start with.
18.Berkana (birch tree)
This rune represents female matters and often signifies a birth of a child. New beginnings, spring time and healing.
19.Ehwaz (horse)
This rune represents loyal and true friends, unbreakable bonds. This rune is a good sign if we have found new love or business associates are being dealt with.
20.Mannaz (mankind)
This rune represents our life experiences and lessons we have learned from the past. Lesson and experiences from the past can help us with current issues this time around, don't go down the same road.
21.Laguz (water)
Just as the sea is powerful, with this rune we must go with the flow and accept what is happening, try not to cause problems by interfering, let it be.
22.Inguz (light)
This rune represent channelling energy and the home. Home is where the heart is, family reunions are often signified by this rune.
23.Dagaz (day)
This rune represents balance between opposites. A need to look at both sides before making a decision.
24.Othala (earth)
This rune represents treasured possession and wealth that has sentimental value rather than monetary value. Wills and legacies are also signified.
Always use protection before attempting any psychic/spiritual exercises.