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The reason we are here on earth in the first place is to learn and develop our own spiritual growth, although we may not be aware of it. The information I received from my guides is that we choose when we want to come back, when we are ready to come back and we even choose our own parents and the type of life we wish to live, we choose these options based on what we need to learn this time around or rectify any mistakes we may have made in a past life, for example lets say we were born into a rich family in out last incarnation, we had everything we needed nothing really to worry about, yes we may have learned from this experience, our experience in that life could have been one of wealth or even greed, if it was one of greed then we may choose our next life as one of hard work and poverty so we can appreciate the wealth, of course this is just an example.

As we have only one spirit "the real us" which again from what I have been passed on from my guide our spirit is neither male or female, sex usually only defined by the physical body. Although if we come back over many life times as more male or female our spirit can take on that identity as either male or female. This was later explained my guide saying "Why do think a man can love another man and woman love another woman" then it kind of made sense after a lot of thinking. If our spirit becomes predominantly female and we are born into a male body, this can cause the man to have female feelings, like a man falling in love with another man or even sometimes they get confused and even have a sex change, the same goes for a predominantly male spirit in a woman's body, again a woman falling in love with another woman or being like tomboy.

Another issue with past lives is our health, a few years ago I did a reading for a lady quite by accident we met in a pub and I saw in my mind a vision of her being run over by a horse and cart, the wheels of the cart went over her back, I knew this wasn't going to happen as I saw cobbled streets and everything looked old, I mentioned this to her and to my surprise the previous week she had been to see a hypnotist for past life regression and she experienced the same vision in the fact of the horse and cart knocked her down at which point she passed over, my point is here that in this life she was suffering from a bad back from an early age, so it seems that our past lives can affect our next ones, even if on a subconscious level our past memories can cause physical symptoms from a past life.

There are many ways to find out our past life's, from dreams, regression and visions. Just out of curiosity take a look at your health problems or phobias in this life, especially if they were from a young age, phobias in particular are interesting I once worked with a hypnotist as I was learning about it at the time, and one subject he had was afraid of snakes although he was unlikely to encounter one in normal life, he would still freeze up and start to sweat if he saw a picture of one. The interesting thing here is when he was regressed to a previous life he was actually working in a jungle and was bitten by a snake which in turn he passed over due to poisoning. With this in mind our phobias may give us a clue to how we passed in a previous life, this of course doesn't mean all our little phobias may be from a past life, but the evidence there is quite interesting don't you think?
Soul Mates
This is a very often misunderstood term and you've probably heard so much about it. A soul mate is someone you were very close to in a past life this could be a lover, a family member or just a very good friend, we can have many soul mates. You hear a lot of people who are looking for a relationship say "I'm looking for my soul mate" this is fine, but if you're a female looking for a male, your soul mate may actually be another female, a soul mate doesn't necessarily mean your next love, you could even already know your soul mate, simply being your best friend right now, your soul mate could even be your brother, sister, mother of father.
Karma originates from Buddhism which is a philosophy that goes back to around 500 BC. Karma although originally from Buddhism, it would suggest that it is a universal spiritual law. Karma is a law of "cause and affect" so with this in mind every action has an outcome, if we get caught stealing for example then we will be punished or if we are abusive to someone they are likely to react either by punching us in the face or another outcome, so our actions have caused an effect, the karma effect, so based in that context karma is a true law and is found in everyday life.

Much of our futures are governed by this law, and is one law we have no control over, the only control we have is via our actions, thoughts and word and try our best to do right in what we do with our thoughts, words and actions. There are many theories on this such as you will get back 3 times a much as what you give out, again I can only offer what my guide has told me on this subject. We do not get back 3 times as much as we give out, karmic law is fair and equal we only get back what we give out, if we are hurtful to someone either in thought, word or deed it will come back to us eventually, may not be right away or a few years, but it will come back.

You may have heard so much about disabilities in this being part of our karma, this is nothing to do with karma but something we choose to do as this as part of our learning and not because we have done something wrong, like I said the karmic law is fair and equal and we only get back what we do with our thoughts, words and deeds. We also have to take into consideration that maybe we have an accident at some point in our lives and just for an example lets say we damage our hand, the damage would be physical, to the physical body itself and not to the spiritual self if you like, even when we are born we could encounter problems which could leave us with a psychical problem which are not necessarily connected spiritually.

Although we can choose this if before we return to earth if we feel we need to, lets say someone who committed murder, then while in spirit they may feel they have to deal with it so may choose to come back with a disability to make up for what they have done, this is not forced and purely chosen, this really is more to do with our learning rather than karma. In most cases if we have done something wrong we will come back and deal with it another way, for example some one who commits murder may decide to come back as a law enforcement officer.