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What Is Psychometry
Psychometry is a psychic skill and is also known as object reading, it is the ability to tune in and pick up on residual energy. Residual energy is a stored energy such as in the atmosphere, buildings and objects, it's like a recorded energy of all things that have happened in the past rather like a video or tape recording.

Any objects can be read even the walls of a house, some people who use psychometry prefer using metal objects, such as watches, necklaces and most commonly keys, the reasons they give for this is that metal tends to store energy better, but in my experience anything can be read even water. Sometimes even a hands on healer can pick up information coming from the person who is receiving the healing, thus in affect reading the person using psychometry.

If you are just starting to develop you psychic abilities, to which I add we can all do. Psychometry is a good place to start, as it stimulates your psychic senses.
How To Use Psychometry
Ask the person you are going to try to read for an object which is personal to them or an object which they may have which belonged to some one else, this may be a key or a ring anything along those lines, but something they are in close contact with on a day to day basis as the object will have absorbed some of their energy or the energy of the person that the object belonged to, also ask the persons permission before you start to read.

Then take the object in your hands or place the object on your forehead, which ever you prefer or find easiest, then close you eyes and notice any feelings or thoughts that you may receive while holding the object, you may want to do this in place that is quiet so you can concentrate. You'll have to bear in mind that if the object belonged to another person, you may pick things up about that person and the person who gave you the object, just give what you feel or see within reason, if this is your first time you may see simple objects such as fruit or everyday items like cups, pens, paper etc, this is fine as the person may be able to understand what you are getting.

If you don't get anything while just holding the object or placing it on your forehead try asking questions that involve a simple yes or no answer, try to see the word "YES" or "No appear in your mind to a specific question, it doesn't matter if you get it wrong in the first few tries, this is to be expected and don't expect to see or feel in great detail in the early stages of learning psychometry, it can take time to develop, with practice this will become stronger and can actually help develop clairvoyance and clairaudience.

As an experiment the next time you receive some mail, without looking at the envelope try to feel who
it's from, where it's from, notice any feelings or thoughts you may get. This is a good way to practice psychometry.
Always use protection before attempting any psychic/spiritual exercises.