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What Is Numerology?
Numerology has been around for hundreds of years in fact ever since humans have learned the ability to count we have been trying to find meanings into numbers. Numerology is a method of prediction and personal analysis using numbers. Numbers are the basis of life itself the universe is built on arithmetic. There are quite a few methods that are used with numerology, here I will show you the most basic common method.

There are 3 types of analysis you can try with numerology

Character Number: Based on your full birth name
Personal Number: Based on your first and last name
Birth Date Number: Based on your date of birth
Numbers Key Chart
How To Find Your Numbers
This is how to find your numbers I will use my name as an example. To find your numbers you will need to use your own name and date of birth.

Character Number: To find your character number you need to use your full birth name, mine is MARK ANDREW ROBOTHAM, so I need to find out which letter corresponds to which number by using the key chart above.

M=4 A=1 R=9 K=2
A=1 N=5 D=4 R=9 E=5 W=5
R=9 O=6 B=2 O=6 T=2 H=8 A=1 M=4

Next when you have found your numbers you need to add them together...

Then you take the total, in my case 83 add the 8 to the 3 which gives you 11 If you have a long name you may find that you will get double numbers all you do is keep adding the double numbers until you get a single number, In my case 11 so I  add 1+1=2 so my character number is 2
Personal Number: To find your personal number you need to use your first and last name, the same principle applies to the above method.

M=4 A=1 R=9 K=2
R=9 O=6 B=2 O=6 T=2 H=8 A=1 M=4

Next you need to take all the number and add them together

Then as above you add 5+4=9 So my personal number is 9 if you keep getting double numbers keep adding them together until you get a single number.
Birth Date Number: To find your birth date number you need to use your date of birth, the same principle applies to the above method. My date of birth is 10th August 1972 so I would do this 1+0+8+1+9+7+2=28

As before with double numbers keep adding them until you get a single number. In my case 2+8=10 and then 1+0=1 so my birth date number is 1.

I know it looks complicated, but
it's quite easy when you get the hang of it. The method above is the most common and easiest to use. Some people who read with numerology may vary in the methods they use. The important thing is if you learn a certain way then stick with it.
Number Meanings

Character Number:
You are a born leader. You have an inner strength that people admire. You are always looking for new challenges. You have a powerful ego and don't like to be ignored. You are ambitious and keen to get ahead in life.

Personal Number: You have a happy personality and will like to be the centre of attention. You will be vain at times and very competitive especially in sports, you don't like to loose. You seem to be lucky in most things you do.

Birth Date Number: You will have to work hard to get what you want in life and luck seems to be on your side. You would rather work for yourself rather than an employer. You feel you need to keep up with the latest fashions and trends, a need to be with the in crowd.

Character Number:
You are a born to be kind and understanding with people the kind of person who loves family life and closeness. You will always find a compromise in any situation.

Personal Number: You have a soft and pleasant nature, people enjoy your company and you seem to give just what the doctor ordered. You have a natural attraction to the opposite sex and you should have a pleasant love life.

Birth Date Number: You will lead a well balanced life, you may find that all things that happen to you will come in pairs, what you loose in one thing you will gain in another. You will have a happy married life although maybe not the first time around.

Character Number:
You are a born with communication skills, either a writer or teacher. You will find that you have easy solutions to problems. You may find you get stuck in your childhood memories.

Personal Number: You have an entertaining nature and seem to be very flexible you can adjust to most situations but rather than face them you seem to avoid them all together.

Birth Date Number: You will lead a varied life, never seem to stay in one place for too long. You seem to talk your way out of situations and your talents will get you where you need to be in life. You seem to be in the right place at the right time.

Character Number:
You are a practical person who has a concrete view of life, once you set your mind on something you will see it through. You are honest and reliable although sometimes not very generous.

Personal Number: You seem to go through life in a down to earth way, go with the flow. You may lack imagination and rather go with someone else's idea rather come up with your own. Although friendly you will not put yourself out for others.

Birth Date Number: You will lead a life of work in a practical career possibly engineering. You will do well in exams, and you don't like laziness.

Character Number:
You are very creative and you life may seem to be drifting from one activity to another with no real pattern. You are always original and exiting.

Personal Number: You are charming but very laid back in your appearance. Although you have great plans and ideas you don't seem to follow them through always seem to change halfway through a project.

Birth Date Number: You have many talents a jack of all trades but you will find the need of help from others to succeed. You may find that your friends only seem to be short term in, your life one minute then gone the next.

Character Number:
You have a very caring and loving nature and give to others, but seem to lead an ordinary life, every day being the same. You feel the need to help others. Your ideal career would be in the caring profession. You are good at detailed work.

Personal Number: You are caring and modest on the inside and the need for other to be open and honest with you. You will be a popular person although lack stamina at times.

Birth Date Number: You will lead a life of duty helping and serving others maybe armed forces or civil services. If you stay honest and loyal you will reap the well deserved rewards.

Character Number:
You have a special quality and will find it easy to develop psychic skills. You may have a religious connection and seem to be very sensitive.

Personal Number: You seem to like the extraordinary things in life. You don't seem to conform to every one else's plans you like to be individual and find your own way.

Birth Date Number: Your life seems to be guided by the hand of fate and things seem to be out of your hands, your life seems to have no kind of pattern and things happening out of the blue. Your emotions are affected too you can go from being very happy and the next moment you seem depressed.

Character Number:
You are born to be successful and have great ambitions although you may not get what you want you seem happy with the results. You are good at practical tasks and very good at motivating others.

Personal Number: You will find that people will ask your advice and see you as a quick tempered. You dislike people who's ideas are unpractical and like to bring things down to earth.

Birth Date Number: You will have a practical life and you may get involved with governments and large organizations. You will find that you're not the luckiest person you will have to earn your rewards.

Character Number:
You are  born lucky, but only if you don't mix business with pleasure. You are very fair and would help anyone below your status. You seem to be either an out door person or to be someone who likes their own space this seems to be either one or the other, comes in phases.

Personal Number: People see you as taking life to seriously although you are good humoured and friendly. You like to do things your own way and hate to feel trapped by people or situations.

Birth Date Number: You will find life a struggle sometimes, but luck comes out of the blue. You may find that you meet friends from overseas or work abroad.