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What Is Meditation?
The most common thing I get asked is how to meditate there are no rules with meditation, meditation is just a "Mind Focus" most of you have already experienced this "Mind Focus" it's where your mind becomes absorbed in some activity, the most common day to day ones are driving, reading and most common of all watching TV or a movie. Notice for example when your reading a good book and you get lost in the story and sometimes you get so absorbed the next time you look at the clock an hour as passed, but it only seemed like 2 minutes, the same goes for driving, sometimes after you have reached your destination you can't remember the way you came, you go into auto pilot, in fact this auto pilot is actually the subconscious coming into play. The subconscious controls your breathing, heart rate and many other bodily functions.

You can achieve this state consciously, what I mean is you can shut the conscious mind down. The conscious mind can only really do two things at once any more and the subconscious comes into play, which is part of the mind which deals with imagination and the unknown, some people say that the subconscious is not actually in the brain but rather external, even part of the soul or spirit.

Although research shows the right side of the brain does have some connection with the subconscious. You'll probably notice that left handed people seem to be more artistic and imaginative, where as right handed people will tend to be more down to earth and physical maybe into sports, this is because that the right side of the brain controls the left hand side of the body and the left side the right side of the body. You can read more about this on the hypnosis page.
How To Meditate
There are many method of meditation, but here I will show you one that is easy and reliable. The key to any psychic/spiritual development is the subconscious mind, with access to the subconscious you have access to all the wonders of spirit, past lives and much more. The method below will help you to gain access to your subconscious.

First find a candle and light it, make sure it's in a safe place where it where won't fall over and away from curtains. Make sure it's just above eye level from where you will be sitting or laying. Next get yourself comfortable preferably in a place where you can relax and won't be disturbed. If you wish to use incense then that's fine, but it's not really necessary, as with all methods it's personal preference, whatever your comfortable with and what you feel is right for you.

When you get comfortable, focus your eyes on the candle flame, while watching the flame, notice your breathing, the rise and fall of your breathing, find a steady pattern. Next on every in breath count backwards from 100 and on every out breath say " I fully expand my subconscious awareness" or something to that effect. So on every in breath count backwards and every out breath say, " I fully expand my subconscious awareness"
In breath = 100
Out breath = I fully expand my subconscious awareness
In breath = 99
Out breath = I fully expand my subconscious awareness
In breath = 98
Out breath = I fully expand my subconscious awareness
In breath = 97
Out breath = I fully expand my subconscious awareness

and so on...
Remember to keep watching the candle flame for as long as you can. This is a powerful exercise and if you stick with it you will notice some amazing changes in the way you perceive things. Also notice any pictures or sounds you get while doing this exercise. This method can be used for anything you wish, you can adapt it to suit any Situation. Just change the piece where it says, "I fully expand my subconscious awareness" to whatever you wish to achieve. You may find the first few times you do this exercise you may fall asleep, this is fine most people do to start with, that's why I recommend sitting on a chair because your mind will associate laying down with sleep.
Always use protection before attempting any psychic/spiritual exercises.
Beach Meditation Hypnosis
For general relaxation and sleep, last thing at night. The recording uses hypnotic techniques to help achieve this. The running time is approx. 18 minutes. For best results use stereo headphones while laying down in a safe quiet place.
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