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What Is Reiki
Rei means "universal" and refers to the spiritual dimension of the soul. Ki means "life force energy" which flows through all living things.
When combined, it's meaning is "universal life force energy" Reiki is a very powerful healing energy which is used with the hands and can be used on oneself or others, both humans and animals.

The universe is filled with endless and inexhaustible energy. It is this universal, pristine and productive source of power and energy which cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed that forms the basis of Reiki. It was founded many years ago in Japan by a great man Mikao Usui Sensei.

Reiki is a built in healing tool so to speak. Some people possess this unknowingly. Reiki heals by cleansing/balancing emotionally, mentally, physically and heightens your spiritual awareness. It can be performed with both hands on or distantly. When performing Reiki, a healing heat is produced within the hands. When the hands reach an imbalanced area on the body, a tingly sensation will be felt in the hands also, for example, anything from a bruise, muscular pain to emotional stress. The list of things Reiki can heal are endless.
How To Perform Reiki
Reiki is best practiced on yourself on a daily basis, once in the morning shortly after waking up and once in the evening just before retiring to bed. It is essential that your surroundings are calm and peaceful, listening to relaxing music is very beneficial.

Reiki is performed by placing the palms of your hands either on or just above the body's chakras. It can be performed on oneself by sitting in a relaxed position, but preferably lying down on your back with your eyes closed. Using your non-dominant hand (for example, if you're right handed, then your left hand is your non-dominant hand). Place it on either your root chakra or crown chakra. It is not important where you start. Then use your dominant hand, palms always facing downwards on each chakra working either up or down the body, whichever may be the case.

Now focus on your breathing, breathe slowly, inhaling through the nose for the count of 3 seconds, then exhaling through the mouth for the count of 3 seconds, this needs to be repeated twice on each chakra. Performing Reiki twice a day on oneself, in turn will help you cope with stressful situations and evoke positivity.
How To Become A Reiki Practitioner
For people who wish to become qualified Reiki practitioners so they can perform Reiki on others, may I suggest you search online for local Reiki courses, you can then receive Reiki attunement (a powerful spiritual experience which opens your energetic pathways) this will allow Reiki energy to flow freely through your body which would be performed by a Reiki Master. In this course you will learn all of the Reiki symbols and how to use them.

Please note that there are typically three degrees/levels of Reiki (sometimes four) before you can become a Reiki Master. Anyone can receive training in Reiki regardless of their spiritual or religious beliefs.
Author: Sharron Evans
Always use protection before attempting any psychic/spiritual exercises.