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An aura is an energy field that surrounds the body and contains electro magnetic energy amongst other ethereal properties, when seen with the naked it eye it can look like a white misty outline and is more noticeable around the head and shoulders. Not only do we have an aura but every material object has an aura, animals, trees, rocks etc. Auras can vary in texture, quality, and feel in relation to the vibrational nature of each individual and aura is constantly changing from moment to moment as we change and develop.

By looking at a persons aura we can see many things about that person, their state of health, mood, energy levels and even what they are thinking via thought forms. Thought forms are created when we think and are expanded out into the aura and can sometimes be seen by looking at the aura, from my experience of looking at auras and seeing thought forms, thought forms tend to manifest themselves as images rather than words, for example lets say someone was thinking about a drink then you may see an image of a cup appear, this can also be the same if the person is thirsty, these images are also a white misty colour. With practice you can even tell if someone is lying to you as their thought forms won't be consistent with what they are telling you. We cannot fake the aura, it shows our true colours and intentions, hence the saying "showing your true colours".

Our auras can affect us and we can affect are auras, if our aura is imbalanced in some way then this can effect our mood, health energy levels etc and things we do or certain coloured clothes we wear can affect our auras, so by looking at auras we can discover and balance out any imbalances that our auras have.
Colours can also be seen within the aura although this is rare and those who claim to see bright vivid colours often sense or see them clairvoyantly in their mind and not physically, if colours are seen physically with the naked eye they will appear very pale sometimes to the point where it's hard to distinguish what colour is actually there, unless you can sense or see the colour within your mind. Colours do have basic meanings which can be found on the colours page but each person will have their own personal meaning to colours. Auras can have different shapes and sizes, this is dependent on a lot of things as mentioned above, although the shapes themselves don't really have any particular meaning, it's just the way the aura is and everyone's aura is different.

Another point to cover here is Aura Photography, don't be fooled by it, aura cameras are built to project artificial light directly onto the film while taking the picture, thus giving an aura affect and are totally fake photos, the lights are activated by measuring skin resistance which has nothing to do with auras what so ever. Quite often when having your aura photo taken you will be seated in a chair, the chairs have sensors on them that measure the skin resistance, it's the same principle that lie detectors use. You can see similar things at fair grounds and gambling arcades, these are machines that give you psychic readings and an aura photo, you have to put your hand onto a metal plate (the skin resistance sensor) and you get an aura photo along with your reading. There are even simple mobile phones apps these days, that do similar things, but without the need for sensors, they just overlay random colours over the picture.
Everything in the universe is made of energy and constantly vibrating, and everything that is made of energy is technically living and will give off energy and store energy hence psychometry where we can pick up on that stored energy. Solid things such as a rocks energy vibrates at a real low speed thus making it solid, everything that is not so solid vibrates at a higher rate, this is actually proven in physics, something which I was glad to have studied at school, where the molecules of hard metals such as iron and steel are vibrating very slowly where as the molecules in lead a much softer metal are vibrating at a much faster rate. (it's a little more complex than that but easier to explain it that way)

Energies like spirit vibrate so fast that
it's hard for us to see them, the best way to explain this is like a bike wheel, when the wheel is not moving (low vibration) we can see the spokes quite clearly but when the wheel speeds up (higher vibration) the spokes become less visible. Basically the lower something vibrates the more solid it will be, the higher something vibrates the less visible it will be.

There is another interesting aspect to all this with air molecules when air is hot the molecules vibrate more quickly and when it gets cold the molecules vibrate more slowly so this can be applied to when spirit are around and are trying to show themselves, for a spirit to be more solid then need to lower their vibrations this is why the air is a lot colder when spirit are around as their vibration is slowing down for us to be more aware of them and coming into our vibration thus affecting the air around us.
How To See An Aura
Ask a friend to sit or stand in front of a light coloured wall, preferably white, white is better , since eyes work on light any other colours can merge and interfere with what you're truly seeing, since the colour of the wall will merge with what you're seeing you will not get a true image of the aura, where as white contains all colours you will get a better balance. Next stare at the person stood in front of the wall for a few minutes, then stare at the wall just above their head. This is to adjust your eyes. The trick with this is, not to actually stare at the person, but look beyond them. After a while you will start to see a white outline around the head and shoulders of the person you're looking at, this is their aura, you may not see colours to start with if you do see any colour it will be very pale, those who claim to see really vivid bright colours often see them clairvoyantly with their inner vision rather than physically. When you practice this enough it will become second nature to you, you will find that start to see auras without even having to try.

You can do this exercise with any object, the one I found quite good to start with is which I found by accident, I was looking out of my window and looking at the trees and all of a sudden I saw this white outline around the trees, even around the houses.

Once you have had enough practice with seeing the aura try an experiment with your friend with thought forms and ask them to think of an object and try to see what it is as it appears in the thought form, try and stick with simple objects to start with until you get the hang of it then try more advanced thoughts.

To see your own aura use the mirror technique on the Spirit Guides Page.
Always use protection before attempting any psychic/spiritual exercises.