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Colours have their own general meanings, each and everyone one of us will perceive them differently so although a basic meaning can be given to a colour, it's how the colour makes you feel and what it means to you that will give it`s real meaning. You can get a lot of information about colours just by being outside in nature, for example take the colour green, what do you notice about it? Well one of the first thing I noticed was nearly everything that grows was mostly green or the majority of the colour was green. So what does that say about the colour? Well green is a strong colour to stimulate growth? notice how weeds can grow so quick and how they push through concrete, next time you go for a walk take a look at the pavement and see.

Green is a good colour for healing although should be used with care as it can stimulate growth and this would not be beneficial for any ailment or illness which relies on growth to survive such as cancer. Although healing is beneficial it should be used as complementary only. If you have any health concerns ALWAYS consult a qualified doctor.

As an experiment concentrate on each of the colours below and write down how each colour makes you feel. Lets say for example while looking at the colour blue, you feel calm and relaxed, you can use that colour the next time you feel stressed either by wearing that colour or just visualising that colour.
This is used to stimulate and recharge energies. It helps increase your relationship with the physical world both appreciation of it and your Will to remain earth bound. It warms cold areas and activates sluggish systems. It can help with colds, poor circulation, anaemia and multiple Sclerosis. It can offer a surge of pure physical vitality. It affects all areas Related to the root chakra, such as the lower part of the body, the spinal Column, adrenals and the kidneys.

Use orange to strengthen the immune system and to increase sexual energy. It is helpful after illness to build up the physical body again. Orange Also helps to promote ambition and emotional stability. It can assist with sexual complaints, pneumonia and multiple sclerosis. It affects all areas within the spleen chakra, such as the Reproductive system and our immune system.

This helps clear the mind and promote mental agility and clarity. If the head feels "foggy" yellow can help shift the stagnant energy. It can give More confidence and can help the learning processes. It can also assist with mental Depression. Yellow is good for stomach complaints, indigestion, bladder Problems, loss of appetite and kidney malfunctions. It relates to solar plexus chakra, which covers the stomach, liver, Gall bladder, pancreas, Spleen and nervous system.

This is extremely important in healing as it flow from the heart and gives wonderful unconditional love, although this colour should be used with caution when healing illnesses that rely on growth for them to survive such as cancer and tumours. It gives a sense of everything being all right with your life. It promotes truth, peace and quiet calm. It offers hope and Balances energies, giving a good sense of perspective. It helps growth in all Areas of life. It can be used in treating overactive thyroids, high blood Pressure, ulcers and nervous disorders. It relates to the heart chakra and Therefore the heart, circulatory system, upper back, thymus gland and vagus Nerve, which supplies the heart, lungs and other major organs.

Blue promotes a sense of calm. It is cooling and peaceful. It soothes agitated Conditions. It can help people to speak with truth and clarity, whilst Encouraging their sensitivity to spiritual issues. It promotes inspiration and Creativity. It is also considered a good antiseptic colour. It is used a great Deal with healing children. Blue is helpful for underactive thyroid, feverish Conditions, abscesses, burns and nausea. It is related to the throat chakra Which governs the thyroid gland, bronchi, lungs and alimentary canal. The Ears can also be affected, This is a good colour to help with developing Clairaudience.

Purple is used to help balance and harmonise the different levels of energy In the aura and brings you to a greater understanding of spiritual concepts. It is good for purifying the body and detoxifying. It helps in the cases of Cancer, infection, leukaemia and diabetes. It is related to the brow chakra and connects to the lower brain, left eye, ears, nose, nervous system an Pituitary gland. Most head and face conditions respond to this colour, and Is also good for developing clairvoyance. Purple vibrates at a very high Frequency too much can cause headaches.

White is purifying and cleansing. It also eases pain. It helps expand the aura. It will increase your connection with others on a spiritual level. It offers Peace and comfort. It is connected to the crown chakra and therefore relates To the upper brain and right eye. When healing this colour is always used At the beginning and the end of a healing session. It increases the intensity of other colours and at the end of a healing session is used to cleanse and energize.

When meditating try using different coloured light bulbs, this can be very effective in psychic/spiritual development and can also help with healing.

You may also find the Color Matters Website of interest.
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