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Can Our Future Be Predicted?
The short answer is yes, but to a point. I believe that our futures can be predicated, well at least some of the major issues in our lives, it's rather like taking a trip somewhere, you can go straight down the highway or through various decisions and choices we make for whatever reason we can take the back roads. For example, lets say when on the highway and there is a hold up or a slow moving vehicle that is holding you up and you sit and wait for a while, then you notice a turn off or a shortcut which will get you past the obstacle, now taking the turn off may bring its own problems, you may find that you're not sure of the road you have just taken or you may get lost, meet even more hold ups, but eventually you find your way back on the highway and at the end of the journey we still end up at the same destination, although the journey may have taken longer than originally planned.

In the journey you made a conscious decision, a choice to take a short cut, to change your future slightly, this is true in life. Events can be predicted, but if you decide at the last minute to take a shortcut you may delay the prediction or miss it altogether this can also apply to facing up to our obstacles and problems in life, instead of avoiding them or finding another route stay on the highway and face them because they are part of our journey and learning experiences, although we can take the shortcuts if we wish only taking longer to get where we are going or maybe miss out on completely on some lovely surprises.

This is why when we have a psychic reading sometimes what the psychic has told us didn't come true or the time was wrong, only because at the last minute we decide to take a shortcut and go off the highway.
Methods Of Prediction
Reading Omens Involving Cats.

Divination Using The Sky, Commonly Used As Weather Prediction.

Reading Omens Involving Spiders.

Divination Using Two Dice.

Exploring The Effect Of The Sun, Moon And Eight Of The Planets Upon The Earth And Its Inhabitants.

Divination Using Standard Playing Cards.

Interpreting Symbols From Melted Wax Dripped Into Cold Water.

Literally 'Clear Vision', Either On A Psychic Level Or Spiritual Level.

Divination Using A Suspended Key.

Reading A Person From The Shape Of The Hands And Fingers.

Reading A Person From The Lines And Patterns Of The Palm.

Divination By A Crystal Ball.

Divination By A Suspended Ring.

An Agent Of Divination, Usually In The Form Of Plastic Cubes.

An Agent Of Divination, Usually Small Oblong Shaped Pieces Of Wood Or Plastic.

Using A Stick, Rod Or Pendulum To Locate Something Hidden Or Buried.

Interpreting Patterns In The Earth, Usually Sand, Dust Or Soil.

Reading Omens Involving Horses.

Interpreting Omens From Oil Amps Or Torch Flames.

Interpreting Omens Using Precious Stones And Candles.

Divination Or Character Analysis Using Numbers.

Interpretation Of Dreams.

Divination Through Studying Hands.

Divination By Using Bumps On The Head.

Divination By Reading Objects.

Divination Using A Pendulum To Diagnose Health Issues.

Agents Of Divination Normally Small Square Stones With Symbols On Them.

Gazing Into A Reflective Surface.

Beliefs That Natural Or Supernatural Phenomena Portend Future Events.

Divination Using Cards In A Tarot Deck.

Reading Tea Leaves.
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