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Aromatherapy Oils & Incense
Incense comes in mainly two forms, oils and sticks. Oils can be used either to anoint various parts of the body or burnt to give of an aroma, normally in a specially made oil burner. The oil is normally mixed with water and a candle placed underneath to heat it up. Incense sticks are coated with a scented powder that when lit gives off an aroma.

The most common type of oil that is used is camphor oil, it is normally rubbed under the nose to clear a cold and help you to breathe more easily. When I first started to develop I use to rub "Lavender Oil" on my forehead this helped to protect me and aid my meditating. Not only can oils help with psychic/spiritual development, but also aid in healing physicals ailments, although you should always seek medical advise for anything that you're not sure about.

Always read the label first before you rub any oil on your body and try to avoid the cheaper oils as they can cause allergies. Incense sticks should be avoided if you suffer from asthma or any chest infection, especially the cheaper ones.
Oils & Incense Properties
Clove like. Warming to the body. Improves digestion and promotes restful sleep. Calming, Reduces Stress and Relaxes tight muscles.

Liquorice. Aphrodisiac, aids in digestion, relieves aches and pains, good for colds and coughs.

Sweet and spicy. Uplifting, Great for mental fatigue.

Delightful, fresh and clean. Benefits include balancing, regenerating and helps lift melancholia.

Cedar Wood
Sweet woody and warm. Calming and warming. Great for hair that is oily and dandruff.

Clary Sage
Musky, warm, sweet and spicy. Excellent for hair and skin. Anti-inflammatory, uplifting and anti anxiety.

Woody. A pleasant scent, believed to be astringent, deodorant and antiseptic. Great for a footbath, soothing oil for varicose veins or a pet's bath to deodorize and repel flees.

Fresh, camphor like. Clean healing scent. Antiseptic, bactericide, Deodorizer, Refreshing, Cooling to the body, Repels insects.

Unique, sweet balsam like scent. Believed to have cell regenerating properties. Antiseptic, cytophylactic, anti-inflammatory and sedative.

Refreshing sweet citrus. Uplifting and clean. Purifying and stimulating. Benefits include controlling the appetite and balance emotions.

Deep, sweet and floral. Beneficial to the skin and scalp. Emotionally balancing, soothing and sedative. Juniper
Evergreen like. Peppery and woody with a slight balsamic. It is believed to be antiseptic astringent, diuretic, Cleansing and detoxifying.

Fresh and Clean. Classic floral herbal scent. Calming, harmonizing, rejuvenating and antidepressant Believed to enhance the immune system. A great essential oil to use around the house.

It is a bright, sunny aspect to the mind, body and spirit. It is a very uplifting, astringent, antiseptic and rejuvenating. Effective in skin care, depression, anxiety and digestive problems.

Strong lemon. Mood uplifting and calming. Reduces inflammation, improves digestion, contracts weak connective tissue, tones skin.

Sweet Uplifting and refreshing scent. Good for skin-care, regenerative, balancing.

Moist earthy scent and considered an aphrodisiac. Believed to be anti-depressant, antiseptic and anti inflammatory. Sedative in low doses and stimulating in high doses. Good skin conditioner for dry cracked skin.

Piercing and pungent with an aromatic coolness. The oil is strong and sharp. Very uplifting and rejuvenating. Very clearing and mental stimulate.

Rosy. Purifying effect on the body, healing to the skin, Mood uplifting, Aphrodisiac, Increases physical strength.

Strong camphor. Helps relieve fatigue, energizing, nerve stimulant, Relieves pain and relaxes tight muscles.

Spicy. Reduces perspiration, lessen pain, disinfectant, Purifying effect on the body.

Tea Tree
Camphor like. It is a medicinally scented oil that is antiseptic, Expectorant and anti infectious. It has many uses in personal care products, such as dandruff, skin care, cuts and bug bites. A little essential oil placed on the skin will ease a bug bite.

Hot and Spicy. Very potent oil. Believed to be antiseptic, An expectorant, nervine and carminative. Vanilla
Deep sweet orchid scent recognizable by many. A relaxing and warm feeling scent that makes you feel great. Wonderful for the bath or as an element in perfume.

Sweet floral. Calming, encourages communication, promotes restful sleep, aphrodisiac, calming, relaxes tight muscles.