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Guiding Light
My name is Mark and I was born in in Lincolnshire, UK in August 1972.

As I grew up I became aware of many things around me, yes I am talking about the spirit world. It wasn't really until I was 18 I started to develop, but was aware at a young age, but of course then I didn't realise what it was. I decided to join a development circle at my Local spiritualist church, where I met many friends and learned much about spirit, it helped me to control and ground myself. After a few years of developing I was asked to do what is known as in the UK, work on platform as a spiritual medium.

I travelled with another medium around spiritualist churches in Lincolnshire to give evidence that spirit is a reality. I also took a course in hypnotherapy and basic psychology and learned a lot about the subconscious mind which I have found through a lot of study is the key to opening the doors to past lives and the psychic and spiritual realms.

My spiritual journey has not been easy , there have been tears and heartache, seen many of my friends and family pass over into the spirit world and has been quite lonely and frustrating at times, but with all that in mind I could never Be the person I am today, without experiencing all these things how could I possibly help others who have been through the same , how could I possibly understand how someone else feels when there loved one passes over. I find that all the things I've been through have been for a reason the obvious one is to learn, the other is to help other people who have been through the same I have found that I meet people who have had exactly the same problems and experiences as me, like I was meant to meet these people to help them through their problems.

I suppose I have been lucky though my belief that spirit is a reality has come from experience, seeing and hearing physically with my own senses  that is the perfect proof, I believe anyone can develop these abilities, but you need to have commitment and patience. I still have along way to go on my journey maybe many lifetimes.

I decided to make "Guiding Light" because I wanted to share with you all the love, light and knowledge of the spirit world and hopefully open people's eyes to the reality of spirit. I was originally diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy which meant due to UK law I could not drive so I was stuck at home, but the good thing to come out of this thanks to the internet it has given me the opportunity to build this web site, which has helped me to reach more people than I ever imagined and not just in the UK, but all over the world.

Guiding Light Website Author & Owner

I've learned many things up and till now, not just about Spirit, but about life. I also play the keyboard and sing and wrote a few songs. I've been lucky enough to meet my idols "ERASURE" and was asked to be Andy Bell's stand in for the video "Fingers and Thumbs".

I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit "Guiding Light" and I hope all my experiences and knowledge contained in these pages will be of help and interest to you on your own spiritual journey. The best way to learn and develop is not to believe everything you read, but to keep an open mind, explore and investigate what you have just read, yes even these pages too, don't just believe it, try it and take a good look at the evidence. There are no strict rules, but its sometimes easier to know how to do something and why we do certain things and that's the purpose of this site, experiment and most of all have fun, spirit laugh too you know:-)

Love, Light and Peace, Mark (AKA Guiding Light & Rasure)
Me with crane harness and Andy on the Fingers and Thumbs video set after setting up the crane shots.