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 Posted - 15 Aug 2006 :  10:43:57 PM  Visit GreenEyesGal98's Homepage

Wow! Congrat! Glad to hear you are coming along well. Hope it continues best of luck!
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 Posted - 16 Aug 2006 :  10:57:39 PM
Badger do I know about????.................Have I heard of????

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 Posted - 16 Sep 2006 :  9:45:52 PM
The Ritual.

The worshipers gather at the appointed place at the appointed time.
They speak to one another in hushed tones, glancing towards the alter, with the cup, bell, and plate, along with anointed candles and other ritual paraphernalia.
Waiting for the ritual to start.
A bell rings, the worshipers stand silently to attention.
Their eyes and minds focused on the entry of the robed figure walking slowly and reverently towards the alter.
Fingers of smoky incense swirling in and out of his robes from a container that he carries and, swings as he walks slowly towards the alter.
His lips moving in silent incantation, and askance of protection during the ritual about to be performed.
His alter attendant’s hand him a lighted taper and remove the incense container.
They step back, and he steps up to the alter.
The robed priest lights the candles, alter incense, and rings the alter bell.
The ritual has begun.
The worshipers join in with the incantations and invocations as the ritual progresses.
Offerings are made on the alter, anointed and blessed.
The worshipers are invited to partake of the ritualistic offerings, to show their faith and obedience to the deity they worship.
The robed priest concludes the ritual by cleaning the alter implements and snuffing out the flame of the candles.
He retrieves the swinging incense container from his alter assistants and walks around the alter blessing it in the name of the deity worshipped and walks slowly back to whence he came, his lips moving in silent incantation with the incense smoke swirling in and out of his robes.
The worshipers stay heads bowed in supplication for a while before leaving the appointed place of Ritual.

Sunday mass is over, Church is done for another week.

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 Posted - 17 Sep 2006 :  12:33:16 AM

Ritual Majick, I purposefully used the Arcane spelling.

Arcane pertaining to the old ways. I note with some interest that you are surprised more of us here do not employ any form of ritual majick on a regular basis.

There are many tools that you can use in this majick. Parchment and Lampblack, Chalices and Athames, Ribbons and straw dolls. Salt and Water!

I am no stranger to ritual majick in a solitary capacity,I try to establish a fundamental understanding of most Paths including Wiccan and Pagan, I never much fancied the Idea of a Coven...

Being the curious soul that I am , I needed to get into the mechanics of spellcraft.

The main point and perhaps a simplistic view is to pour a great ammount of energy from your self into a desired outcome! So we can adopt rituals , or repetitive incantations and prayers.

The Key factors for me are;

What do you want to achieve? Is it just for you or is it for the good of the Many?

How do you call upon the energies that surround us to hear your wishes. What methods do you employ. Hypothetically speaking. If you pull a black hair out of Cats tale , a sprig of Lavender and a few nuts and berries. Write down your desire, "So mote it be, an it harms no one"etc etc Pop it all into a Silk bag add some salt . bury it at the Crossroads at midnight preferably at an Equinox! What a Palava....
Alternatively you say a Prayer to what ever Trinity you believe in and have equally successful results.

Eitherway you are still investing your energies into the process. I suppose logically we might assume that the more we did the better our chances of a favourable outcome! However in metaphysics the butterfly effect really seems to have some credence, The tiniest little thing you do can have some very far ranging effects!

The Jury remains out on the effectiveness of ritual majick in relation to the effectiveness of prayer.

Are we to assume then the desired outcome will be better fulfilled if we employ ritual involving elaborate preparations. Or can we bring about our desired situation by saying a simple prayer!

I have not even begun to factor in that the Universe will normally provide us with what we need and seldomly what we want.

I have practiced certain ritual majick from an academic view , simply to establish if a spell has any more power than a prayer or incantation. It is quiet a tough one to call because it depends upon the individuals belief. The only thing for sure I found is that both these ways involved realeasing the thoughts away from us and having the faith to know that events and time would sort the issue out in a satisfactory manner for you and without detriment to others.

Truth to tell on many different levels we alo practice verbal magic here. You only have to look at the Healing requests to see the enrgies being sent out!

Ultimately if you feel that Ritual Majick is effective for you in any way more than other kinds of spellcasting(Verbal in the form of Prayers, Salt rites and Candle Magic in more physically ritualistic ways). If it harms no one. Including the practitioner, Then it is worth persuing, if only to establish for yourself it's potency.

You have raised once again a fascinating subject. Thankyou.

Best wishes Neville.
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 Posted - 17 Sep 2006 :  09:33:27 AM  Visit badger's Homepage

you have raised a fascinatingway of looking at this topic and one that i have crossed paths with on several occasions.
as you have mentioned about prayer, i will just go on to say that my research has showed me that most forms of magic, either ceremonial, chaos or nature is to bend the situations at hand to conform to your personal will/wishes (what it is you wish to achieve).

It had crossed my mind that someone with a strong will i suppose in theory would be able to bend it without any other medium at all, by just basicaly thinking about what they wish to achieve. in short yes pray.

The only example i can think of which conflicts with this is goetic magic as you deal direct with the goetic spirits, using both invocation rituals and evokation, as described by solomon, as this form af magic relies on external influence im not sure if it is simply a case of mind over matter.

love and light
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New Member

 Posted - 24 Sep 2009 :  10:56:48 PM
Gosh you guys,
I feel like a virgin in a brothel lol. This is all so new to me. Sadly what little of the things you're discussing that rings a bell for me comes from my passion for sci-fi fantasy books(oh the shame) I have blessed the house that mum n I are living in though. How often should I be doing that haven't done it since the first time in '07.

I guess I'm struggling with what the bible says and this new journey I'm starting. Oddly enough a week or so ago my Brother finally sent the last of the boxes of my stuff from Illinois(only took 5 yrs) and I found a velvet bag with crystals in it and dollar store strawberry insence. Gotta work on connecting regularly with my spirit guide.

Love n Blessings,

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