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Gold Member

 Posted - 31 May 2006 :  10:37:00 PM  Visit badger's Homepage
hhmmmm, Now where to start before i go horribly off topic and lose what im trying to say?

well first i do believe there is a god, but not in the singular personification as it just doesnt add up to just one being dreaming up creation, any thing on its own cant possibly have any concept of self let alone others.
So to my rational thought there has to be two gods, right?
No that wouldnt work as then there would still have no idea of me, only of you, there has to be a third that can distinguise between this and that if you will.

This isnt that hard a concept to follow as in most religious texts there are referances to triads -
the triple goddes
the father son and holy spirit
are just the two easily accepted triads in popular religions.

A lot of people refer to god as the base energie of all things, ok then but where did this energy develop from?
if that was the case then wouldnt all if creation of just been a fluke, like a pocket of gas that catches a spark, then all this soul searching would be just a vain attempt to fluff out an otherwise pointless existence becouse if ultimatly we absolve ourselves into energy, which could be the only possible outcome of this then we would have to respectivly give up what is us. So there would be no ultimate payoff.
This obviously isnt the case otherwise we wouldnt need to keep coming back to learn would we.

So basicly there has to be a devine (i just use the word diety, its easier) for there to be any purpose to our lives, but ultimatly i dont actually worrie to much or care really, for there is no chance of my feeble mind being able to comprehend the truth therefor i can only accept it, im just one man is the concept of god or if there actually is one really important in my every day life?
just my humble opinions not trying to step on anyones toes. or disrespect others religions.

love and light

Edited by - badger on 31 May 2006 10:41:39 PM
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Site Owner & Spiritual Medium

 Posted - 01 Jun 2006 :  07:38:07 AM  Visit GuidingLight's Homepage
A lot of people refer to god as the base energie of all things, ok then but where did this energy develop from?
Originally posted by badger - 31 May 2006 : 10:37:00 PM

Well energy cant be destroyed and I think it was Einstein who proved that, so if it cant be destroyed then it will always be there no matter what and if its always going to be there no matter what then it would have probably already been there in the first place.

There's actually a lot of truth in what David Icke says in that sound can create forms there is proof to from scientific experiments that sound can create forms and change the shape of forms, so if the energy that was already there had created some kind of explosion with the gasses, the big bang if you like, then the sound of that explosion could have created the earth which is more logical than some man/woman or god making it with their own hands.

Although the complexity of human beings is another story altogether, how and why is really a mystery. If humans have a spirit then surely the spirit world must have been there to start with for the first human to be on earth, its rather like the chicken and the egg theory.
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 Posted - 02 Jun 2006 :  01:48:34 AM
Well the chicken and the egg theory was proven by a Disney conglomerate wasnt it... they commissioned a group of scientists to find out and they discovered the egg came first, not sure why, I wasnt that interested lol.....It all came about because of chicken little being released on dvd.
As for the God theory, well I am Roman CAtholic and believe in the bible and all such but I have never believed that I have to be in church to give thanks to him, I do believe that he is everywhere... I say him but I feel he is a huge energy force, we have decided he must look like us. Maybe we will never know. The holy spirit, why cant we see that? What is that? A flame above heads??? What does it mean. I think that yes Adam and eve were the first humans on earth but as its suggested about spirit world, I reckon that God cannot be everywhere at once so he does have his minions (angels and guides) to help us out. At first they were created by him and then as the earth evolved and more people died and were born it became a more natural state to let these spirit people oversee the humans as they had lived before. As the population is growing ever faster it makes more sense for God to hand out the duties of looking after us day to day to others, he would be so busy otherwise.
Im going to give this some more thought and get back to it, its a very interesting subject.

Love Adele
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Gold Member

 Posted - 02 Jun 2006 :  09:25:33 AM
Hi All

when i was little i went to church every week sometimes twice a week, i would love to go and help out raising money for the church and spending time in there on my own, but i never really thought that god was one man or woman, when walking in to a church now, i believe i can feel not god but the collective energy of all that believe in him that have been to this place of worship, its not that i dont believe , as i do, and very strongly, but i believe as we have been told in the bible he made us in his own form , and he sent his son to earth , for us, we think of god as a he and a man, i do believe that god is an energy, and that he is all around us, and within us, i feel that he is part of us,
so my answer really i suppose would be , yes i believe but no i dont think god is one man , and yes a pure grate energy , that maybe could be in the form of man but how do i know until i see for myself, strange as i still after saying all this keep going to say.... him,....he, our father...... why this is i dont know, but i feel comfortable saying it, even though i dont think god is one man but a grate energy of love and light,

now i have confused my self, oh well what ever god is, i believe
love sam,xxx
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Gold Member

 Posted - 02 Jun 2006 :  12:25:16 PM

To me there is an energy that exists, transcending time and space, that everythhing was cerated from, and everty thing that can tap into. It is neither good nor evil, are these are human inventions.

God, Jesus,, Allah, Buddah, what ever you call it, makes no difference i don't believe. If you are comfortable with the name you call it, then why not use it.

The only way I can really describe my perception of the crearor is

God Is

Love and Light
(off for a lie down after too much thinking lol)
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Gold Member

 Posted - 02 Jun 2006 :  7:25:27 PM  Visit badger's Homepage
ive got to thinking sbout God as pure energy and what i have previously stated about the need for a triad instead of a single diety, but what is it thta every single atom on earth posseses?
An electron and protons and neutrons, so again im not saying this to be fact but it does provide a link between thought patterns.
Just thought this was interesting enough to post (or it was when i thought about it)

love and light
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gold member

 Posted - 07 Jun 2006 :  12:27:31 AM
Badger, I have to say, you have made me think about this subject

It has opened up my mind after being stuck in my ways for many years on this subject and I thank you for that
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Gold Member

 Posted - 12 Oct 2006 :  1:20:26 PM  Visit badger's Homepage
i know this is an old topic, but i have just come across something in the bible, that mekes me think about god being more than one again.

genesis, 1-26, then god said "lets make man in our image, in our likeness"
Yet after this it goes back to being singular and his?
In the original hebrew, (or as far as i can find in books and online, as i dont posses a hebrew bible) the original word for god was elohim, which translates rougly into into english as, gods and goddesses.

EL is the root word for diety, ELOH, is a femine singular, or a female diety and IM is the plurel ending for things that are masculine (from chicken qabalah)

I dont have any doubt that there is more than one god, but it is good when you come across other things that can back up your own thoughts.

love and light
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Gold Member

 Posted - 13 Oct 2006 :  12:12:26 AM

It all comes down to the 'Trinity'
A magical number im most cultures.

Today we say Father Son and Holy Ghost.

But for this to balance fairly we have to think like our pagan ancestors before christianity.

The father, Mother, and child was the original Trinity

That is where the we come from.

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Gold Member

 Posted - 13 Oct 2006 :  09:03:47 AM  Visit badger's Homepage
once again marion it leads back to egypt rofl.

isis, Osiris and horus.
Its funny how often this comes up in relation to other things.

love and light
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Gold Member

 Posted - 18 Oct 2006 :  11:39:23 PM

You caught me out real good this time! I have absolutely no idea about God!....

An all encompassing devine governing creator and destroyer as an individual entity is a little outside my field of vision..... However if there is a God, I hope he forgives me my small slight's against him! Then I will surely forgive him his great big one against me!.

Best wishes Neville.

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Gold Member

 Posted - 20 Oct 2006 :  5:19:24 PM  Visit badger's Homepage

this made me laugh, as i dont actually believe in a single god.
I am probably one of the most anti religious people on these forums, maybe this is how I'm able to have such an objective view about god and the Divine energy.
I wasn't brought up with any pre-fabricated dogmas so all my beliefs are exactly that, my beliefs.

As i read a lot of occult and hermetic sources each has helped me develop what i believe to be my god, and as most would have picked up from me by now it isn't the biblical one rofl.

love and light
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gold member

 Posted - 20 Oct 2006 :  11:17:45 PM
Every one has a right to their own views.
We all have different thought pattens and this is what makes use all individuals.
Wouldn't it be a boring word if we all thought the same.
The other thing that I have to say ..........as I have said many times before, we need a place like this to share our thought and views to open our minds.
Closed minds breeds content.......
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Gold Member

 Posted - 30 Dec 2006 :  6:42:29 PM
I hope its okay to reply to this topic, because its old? Can I do that, reply to old topics? In some forums people dont like it...??

I attended Catholic School for my Elementary years. From a very young age, I was the child who sat there after we had a religion session and questioned the word of the Lord.

I did not mean to patronize or be ignorant, I honestly and sincerely had these questions!

So I've never really believed in God (Heaven) and his Son Jesus Christ. I enjoy hearing the stories and I feel at peace in the House of God, but I just cant believe like some. I have struggle with it at some points in my life. Where I though maybe if I did believe I wouldn't be in the situation I'm in at the time, or maybe I could help others more if I believed. But I cant make myself do something like that.

I do believe there is something out these. A force that cannot be reckoned with, something that drives us, moves us, loves us.

When I pray, I pray to the Divine Spirit and to my Guardians and Guides. I pray to all that is, as someone in this thread has put it. I pray to all gods and all that is good.

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 Posted - 28 May 2009 :  7:20:59 PM
I might be opening a Pandora's box here, but in my world there is no God, no Devil, no Heaven, and this is as Hell as it gets. I don't believe there is an invisible man in the sky watching everything we do, and if we disobey we go to Hell and burn for eternity. I mean for real, does that not sound a bit dillusional? I believe there was man named Jesus, but he didn't have all these magical powers like the bible said he did. If he did do a few magical things then it's all in the minds eye, like mind freak for example...Do you really think he can do all those tricks without illusion? I don't, I think it's a mind trick(Hense the name mindfreak).
I agree with Mark, why do people get all bent out of shape when they hear the name Satan, and automatically think evil? Read The Satanic Bible, and then tell me, how eveil is he really? Besides, define evil. What evil is to one person, isn't evil to the next. Everyone has their own perception to evil.
I get a lot og greif for my beliefs(especially from family) so I don't talk about it much. I am LaVeyan, and have been this way over half my life, and I am a lovely lady, with eyes wide open. I just see life on a realistic plane, and only go by what I see, hear, smell, touch, and taste. So, if I have never seen it, then it's not real to me. I never seen God, and too much damage happened in my life yrs ago to make me wanna believe he exists. Plus, God kills, he killed thousands of people in the bible, where Satan only killed 10! So you tell me what is so good about God? I have no reason to beleiev in such a man, and don't ever want to. Now with that being said, I do not judge God believers, what I judge is the bible thumpers that try to push their beliefs on me. It is a sad day in Hell when I come across such Sheeple!
There is my opnion about God, and remember, MY opinion, and not meant to attack anyone :o)
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