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 Mouse coincidence?
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New Member

 Posted - 19 Oct 2009 :  12:54:00 PM
During the last week, I have experienced several different instances where a mouse was involved.

Last Tuesday, while shopping, I thought I saw a little mouse on the pavement, so I stopped to have a closer look. If it was a mouse, then it was going to be a dead one as it was prettly flat. However, it was only a leaf in the shape of a mouse. Silly me!

Then during that night, while asleep, my husband and I were both woken up by the sound of rustling paper, or something falling on paper. We drifted back to sleep, but I remembered to have a look to find out what had caused it in the morning. Years ago I made a cute little grey mouse out of an old sock for part of my daughter's black cat Halloween costume. It sat quite securely high up on a ledge near the window, but for some reason had fallen down during the night and on to some bubble wrap.

On Thursday morning, I heard two of my neighbours discussing how they had both recently discovered a dead mouse in their garage.

On Friday, I saw that advert on telly with the cute little white mouse in it.

And finally, this morning I had one of those dreams that you have when you wake up, but then drop back off to sleep. In it, I can remember vividly that I had either pulled away a piece of furniture (about where I had found the fallen mouse) and there was a hole in the carpet, and I couldn't believe it, but there was a whole nest of mice inside this hole. I tried to tell my husband to come and have a look, but he wouldn't pay any attention to me. It was one of those very frustrating dreams. I also felt that there was some kind of weight on top of me .
I was freaked by this.

Do you think that it is probably just a load of coincidences or could perhaps someone be trying to get some kind of message or warning through to me?

I would appreciate anyones thought on this.


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Site Owner & Spiritual Medium

 Posted - 19 Oct 2009 :  1:29:13 PM  Visit GuidingLight's Homepage
Hi psychicdust

Probably not connected but it might have something to do with an animal totem you can read more about them in this topic and you can read specifically about the mouse totem here
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New Member

 Posted - 19 Oct 2009 :  2:13:53 PM
Hi Guiding Light

Thanks very much for those links. The one about the mouse totem is quite interesting. Its description does ring a few bells with me....

Defininitely worth exploring this theory further

Best wishes

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Reiki Master

 Posted - 22 Oct 2009 :  10:00:54 AM  Visit robyn13's Homepage

The messages that I have for mouse are also similar to what GL has given you.

*Examines life's lessons
*Understanding Details
*Seeing double meanings in things
*Guidance in signing contracts
*Ability to be unseen.

The message the mouse brings through for you will stand out the most.
I've also been told that mice are attracted to psychic people..... I had them in my house, and got rid of them and now they've come back.....so I think they got the wrong house in my case.
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