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 Angel cards, a blank card and my unborn child
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Gold Member

 Posted - 26 Jan 2009 :  09:17:25 AM  Visit cornishflower's Homepage
I use my cards all the time. Im 12 weeks pregnant, everything going along brilliantly so far with no problems at all. I have felt rotten as you do with nausea and tiredness as most mums do.

On the eve of Mon 19th 2009, i had drawn a card, just mentioning in my head it was about my partner, me and the baby. I was a bit taken back as i had drawn a blank card. This dosent happen very often infact only once b4 to me.... My heart beated and i didnt know even with asking my angels where my path was going.

The next day Tuesday I went for my 1st scan. During the start of the scan i was told that sadly our baby had died a few weeks prior. It was heartbreaking for both of us. I thought of the night b4 when i had drawn the blank card.

I was very scared of what the next fews days would bring.. Thousands of thoughts flooding my mind, making me sad, cross, frightened and also blessed. I was very frightened about going into hospital and having an Op. But my partner, family & my angels pulled in with love and guided me to clarify my mind of all the thoughts and clutter..

Obviously i cant wipe my mind clean and will still be heartbroken to have lost our unborn child. But this baby is with the angels and spirit and has brought my partner & I beautifully so much closer together as one.

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Site Owner & Spiritual Medium

 Posted - 26 Jan 2009 :  12:00:29 PM  Visit GuidingLight's Homepage
Hi ((((((((((cornishflower))))))))))) I'm really sorry to hear of this news, healing and positive thought to you and your partner at this time

Can I just ask what set are you using that uses a blank card? since its quite unusual for card sets to have a blank card as part of the deck for reading purposes, I know some do come with a spare just like the blank rune
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Reiki Master

 Posted - 26 Jan 2009 :  12:36:55 PM  Visit robyn13's Homepage

I am so sorry to hear about your loss.

I have a few decks which have extra cards in them, but not one of the cards are blank. The only deck that I have that do have blank cards are the Druid Animal Oracle which have blank cards incase there are any other animals you wish to use when reading with the cards.
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Spiritual Medium

 Posted - 26 Jan 2009 :  1:43:34 PM

I am so sorry to hear of your loss you and your partner are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Spiritual Medium

 Posted - 26 Jan 2009 :  5:22:17 PM
(((((((((Cornishflower & Partner)))))))))))
I'm so sorry to hear of hear of your sad loss.Sending you an abundance of heling, strength and courage.

I have a set that includes a blank card, hmmm thinking about it i must take a look to find out which deck it is.

with all my love and respect]
Angel x x x
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Gold Member

 Posted - 26 Jan 2009 :  9:00:28 PM  Visit cornishflower's Homepage
Thank you for all your beautiful thoughts & love.

I have Angel of Light cards, 52 cards include 2 blank. It says if you draw a blank card, you may choose the quaility you wish to develop. Call in the angel for that quality and meditate on the card for inspiration & guiddance....

maggie x
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New Member

 Posted - 02 Feb 2009 :  11:31:38 PM
Hiya Cornish Flower

Sorry to read about your loss ((hugs))

When my sister was pregnant the 3rd time, she did a tarot reading and the cards said she would miscarry, she did :( she then did another reading and the card that said she would miscarry had moved from the near future position to the recent past/present!!!

alan x
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