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 Kirlian photography
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 Posted - 27 Nov 2008 :  11:09:26 PM
I attended a kirlian photography course and it was presented by the Rev. Ray Jones, amazing man as I found out. I had a kirlian photo taken which involves contact from skin to metal, so if your finger is in the black out box and the only thing touching the metal then that is what is photographed. The true 'aura' photot in my view, he spent half the day explaining about aura photos and how they are not real, has to be kirlian. I was with 3 friends and all of our photos came out different and he did a reading on each of them.

So maybe I'm biased but for a reason, I don't believe in any of the photos that are supposed to be the standard aura photos advertised. I do have the photo if anyone wants to compare the difference between kirlian and aura.
Anyways thats my thoughts!
Best wishes
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 Posted - 27 Nov 2008 :  11:38:45 PM  Visit GuidingLight's Homepage
Hi Ariesgirl first of all thanks for raising this subject since it hasn't really been covered in depth.

If you took a kirlian photography course then you should already know all the physics behind it all and understand why it works they way it does? since it is pure physics, from what I understand the electrical grounding, temperature, moisture and voltage etc, will produce different aura effects. For example when we sweat we will create more moisture thus creating more electrical conductivity, thus giving a more vibrant effect same as if we pressed harder on the plate.

If my memory is correct I think there was an experiment done a few years ago where a Kirlian photo was taken in a vacuum (no air, moisture or other gasses) which resulted in no aura effect being produced, so that would suggest that the air, moisture and gasses etc around us effects the image, but thats logical physics, if the aura image was paranormal in nature in other words was an actual energy of an aura then the vacuum would not have made any difference and effected it which completely rules out any paranormal theory altogether

Look at it this way its like when you press your hand flat palm down on a glass table top or a window and for a few seconds or minutes depending on the temperature after you remove it you can see where your hand has been, and just like a Kirlian photo, the effect is only seen where the pressure points are. in other words where the object or body part touches the metal plate. The exact same effect can quite easily be achieved by using a plasma ball, try it and see

Below is a plasma ball

Below is a coin which has been placed on a plasma ball

For me personally only thing I can say is that kirlian is much more beautiful to look at than normal aura photography.

I do have the photo if anyone wants to compare the difference between kirlian and aura.
Originally posted by Ariesgirl - 27 Nov 2008 : 11:09:26 PM

Only gold members can post images, but you're welcome to mail it to me (use contact from on main site and i`ll reply with addy where to send pic) and I will add it to this thread for you
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