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 Computer based Numerology
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 Posted - 07 Feb 2007 :  09:29:26 AM  Visit SarahJean's Homepage
Hi all,

This is a subject I'm relatively new to but we have recently taken on a new system which calculates all your numbers to give you a reading based on what your numbers are saying. You have to be pretty accurate to get a more accurate reading (down to the time you were born) but so far it's doing pretty well!!! I was surprised I must add as we have an Aura Photography system (NOT Kirlian!) which we also exhibit and we saw this type of thing at another show being used by someone who was basically just faking it - didn't matter what you put in the results were all random. So I had my doubts with this one too...

Seems I was wrong though and it's pretty accurate. It also gives you your chinese horoscope information, your element information, you can even have your photo in the middle of your print out... It's really cool!

Anyway, the point is I'm just trying it out and learning to use it better so I was wondering if anyone wanted a numerology reading? Normally they cost 8 but I need some people who aren't me to test it on!

If this isn't allowed please feel free to delete this post... I'll just go and find out what information I need and if anyones interested you can PM me your details and I'll PM you your reading!


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 Posted - 07 Feb 2007 :  10:43:18 AM  Visit GuidingLight's Homepage
((((((((((SarahJean))))))))))) the good thing about numerology is the fact it is mathematical so a computer is probably the best thing to use to make the initial calculations (assuming its been programmed to calculate accurately in the first place) the only thing that will vary are the meanings again this depends on what meanings are actually programmed into the computer and by whom, I say by whom because different people will generally have different meanings just as in tarot where readers will often have different meanings for different cards.
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 Posted - 08 Feb 2007 :  6:16:46 PM  Visit SarahJean's Homepage
Well, I think the "readings" you get with this system are based along the same lines as the aura imaging system we have. On the back of each print out you get a little reading (although we also do readings ourselves) which are based on the colours and their meanings in different area's of the aura... I know to get these the designers consulted with between 300-500 aura readers and mediums, and basically they had to agree on the meanings of the colours in the different area's or they were discarded and started again.

I believe, but would have to check, that this numerology system is based upon the same thing. So the "reading" you get is based on what a large number of numerology readers believe the meanings to be, if that makes sense?!

LOL Probably doesn't - I'm not very good at explaining these things.

At any rate, if anyone would like a free numerology report I'd love some willing victims. You'll need to PM me (or post if you're happy too, just thought it would be private stuff) the following details;

Your name
Your date of birth
Your place of birth
Your time of birth

I don't think there's anything else, but I'm just uploading the software now, so if there is I'll let you all know!


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 Posted - 29 Oct 2008 :  6:19:23 PM
I have Software too, Seems fairly accurate, The only thing i would say is it dose not take into account your spiritual development, from what i see, some things that may have been so many years ago are no longer relivant well to me anyway.
A few other things it takes it all from a database, so some things seem the same, But generally its pritty good
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