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 Is Karma devine judgement for past life deed's?
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Author Topic  

Gold Member

 Posted - 24 Jan 2007 :  10:37:59 PM
Hello Friends,

My personal Astrologer , Clairvoyant , Internationally renowned top bestest medium in the world on the internet. has spammed me again( probably because She hasent managed to squeeze a brass ha'penny out of me).

Please bear in mind that she professes to know how and when I'll get my millions!

OK. I endure the spam's because I have grown quiet fond of her, kinda like a pet.

Well, today she informs me that my life is this mundane and that I am such a victim because of my Past life.. It's Karma . she proudly announces. I still ain't paying her!

I have been guided though, to discuss the more relevant aspects of this Karma thingy!

Unfortunately there is this overiding impression upon the psyche, that if you were a notorius villain in the last life. you are destined to pay up in this life! This sounds pretty kosher on the face of it!

Lifes Lessons: Do you notice a few recurring themes in your live's? They may not be your main life's lesson, but certain issues you will find do continue to occur in your live's ;
eg you might have a few relationships befor settling down. you might have constant financial battles or you might have recurring family issues to deal with or perhaps health worries continue to challenge you!

So I will pluck out a few individual examples now to help get me to the point I would like to make with regard to how good or bad you are in a previous life reflecting upon this current existence!

David Koresh; The Branch Davidians ,a very spiritual Man .. Shot to blazes along with his followers at Waco in Texas in 1993

Jim Jones equally as Spiritual. The Peoples Temple..Mass Suicide.

Saddam Hussein Bound to his Faith.. Killed Thousands.

Henry VIII, Dissolved the Monasteries in 1538 and executed a few clerics ( Some wives too)

Adolf Hitler, Occultist.... Killed Millions.

Neville. Spiritualist......uses fly spray and has killed hundreds of Blue Bottles in his life.

Pope Innocent III , Head of the Catholic Church Burned and Tortured Thousands.

The list go's on!

Could it possibly be that all those listed and the many others lived in this way because this was their life path and that these were infact their life lessons.

What if the Murderer or Paedophile is going through their own Lifes Lessons.

I am told we contract befor incarnation about the lessons we wish to learn not the ones we have to learn!

What do you think.

Best wishes Neville.

N.B. If anyone is interested... My Cat as still a Serial Killer.

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Spiritual Medium

 Posted - 24 Jan 2007 :  10:50:21 PM
HHHHMMMM!!! this is a really in depth question but I do believe that some of what we go through is past life karma I also believe that some of it is lessons we have chosen to learn this time round,some of it is lessons that others need to learn but we become part of that lesson whether willingly or no.The larger ones like hitler etc... maybe they are lessons that humanity has to learn as a whole as well as individuals if that makes sense.There is also the aspect to be remembered that we have free will so some of the things that happen are probably not karma but ways we have chosen to divert our lives or ways others have chosen to go such as murder maybe.This is such a difficult topic to reply to as there are so many maybes,buts and what ifs but these are a few of my thoughts on it.If I think of any more when i'm a bit more compus mentis I will write them up too.
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Gold Member

 Posted - 24 Jan 2007 :  11:17:13 PM

Thanks for your lightning fast response.

I fully accept your remarks about free will and how in some cases we form a part of other peoples life lessons.

My question is broadly speculation upon whether Karma is a punishment from our higher governing spirit energies or is it a lesson.

To be honest.. I could have concievably wandered this earth a hundred life times. each time being as good as I possibly could be. I never ever learned what it was like to take a life or suffer the consequences for such a deed. Then One life time.. I figure I know .. I' will try to take over the world. or at least be a dictator and send hundreds to the gas chambers. Or on a lesser scale.. I'll hit someone on the head with a hammer.( I think the former is very unlikely and I wouldnt consider the latter in my current life!).

These are life experiences. In others , and may well have been ours previously!

It is the way inwhich we order progress and apply it to spiritual evolution. A logical system of improvement being applied to a dimension that by it's very nature defies logic.

I would agree that purely in evolutionary terms as a race we have as individuals come some way. I do not hunt and kill my own meat for sunday lunch and do not drag a woman back to my cave for a night of .........

So we do as a race tend to regard progress as improvement.. Please do not get to unduly worried as dreams and the such have convinced me that in previous lives I have been terribly cruel and as such am inclined to think that that i have done my bit of slaughter in a previouse visit to the earth, and to be fair I am sure a great many people who walk the earth now will have found themselves in a conflict situation and have killed in a past life ( there have been lot's of wars in history).

Spirit always surprise me, that is why I love working with them and it is they who wanted me to ask why do we view progress and advancement in such linear terms as human beings. When in the scheme of things they seem to be telling me you could be a Shaman of ancient and boundless knowledge in a past life only to find yourself a Council Tax dodger in this one.

Once again thankyou for your response. Best wishes Neville.
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Site Owner & Spiritual Medium

 Posted - 25 Jan 2007 :  6:16:14 PM  Visit GuidingLight's Homepage
(((((((((Neville))))))))) I think a lot of people see Karma as something done wrong in the past and put right in the future, but all Karma really is, is a law of "causes and effect" as mentioned in the Karma is a concept topic.

I think a more interesting point is lets say for example a killer, now is the killer killing because it is part of their path and something they chose to do before reincarnation for whatever reason or is the killer caught up in someone else's path for example the person being killed was supposed to be killed by the killer or maybe the killer has been brainwashed by another person or group of people, I suppose my point is where is the line between individual peoples paths and their individual karma if you like or is the whole thing like one giant game of chess?
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New Member

 Posted - 11 Dec 2009 :  05:50:50 AM
I agree with the laws of cause and effect. I believe that we all must take responsibility for and justify our past actions, whatever they may be. Karma to me, is not a means of punishment, but a means to understanding/enlightenment.

It has been said; "Fate guides the willing and drags the unwilling." I prefer to use the word 'karma' as 'fate' sounds so final. With karma, free will still applies.

We are our own judge and jury, "God" is our witness. No one can lie against God's witness. The truth we must face, and it can be the most difficult and painful thing we will ever have to do in lfe. Those who refuse or deny their karma may feel that they are being "dragged", unwillingly by the hair, kicking and screaming through life, forced to face certain truths about themselves they'd rather not. They are by no means 'being' punished by any outside force. Moreso, they are 'punishing themselves'. Once they accept it as inevitable and take responsibility for their actions, they will begin to understand why they needed to endure the ordeals they've been through. karma is then erased or transcended and enlightenment fills the void.
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New Member

 Posted - 24 Feb 2010 :  4:27:49 PM
Hi, you asked a question about Karma, and here is my two cents. Karma is not punishment for sins. As far as I understand it, Karma is simply another word for the law of cause and effect. For instance, out of ignorance, you plunge your hand into the fire. This can't be called a "sin"; but it is definitely an action. The result of that action is burning your hand. Karma is something like that. You have done some actions in your past life; according to which you experience the results in your current life. Sometimes, Karmic influences are felt in the same life. Sometimes, they are carried over to the next life.
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Gold Member

 Posted - 25 Feb 2010 :  09:32:27 AM  Visit xxSaffronxx's Homepage
Hi Neville

What a very interesting subject.
I believe we are all here to learn a certain lesson which is contractual before we arrive, and yet we obviously do not remember what those goals are once we take on the Human form.
For instance I believe my fiancées goal in this life was to be presented with an awful situation with which he was contracted to turn his life around for the better. And now that he had achieved his goals, he passed back over to the spiritual world.

I believe we also agree with our other connected spirits that we make goals between us to help each other achieve our goals.
In my case, I think the reason for my fiancées death was to shunt me into a more spiritual life. Something which I have always believed in before but been far too busy with life to do anything about it – and now I am looking for answers.

I also believe we have free will, but because we are not aware of our goals as humans, this is possibly why some people go off track (for instance if someone commits murder for example). And this is why all the bad people live to be old because they have not fulfilled their goals, and this is why the good people die young – even though I know this is a cliché I actually believe this to be the reason behind it.

I think with each goal and lesson we have to learn, it is to develop our spirit, and that we are all at different stages.
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