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Gold Member

 Posted - 11 May 2006 :  9:42:07 PM
Isn't it amazing, who when researching a topic, how other usless bits of information that you read stick in your head.

I first read about how mankind may have had civilisations far advanced than ours over 75,000 years ago.
The civillisation in question was called Lemuria or Mu.
Which was supposed to have been destroyed 15,000 years ago when the poles reversed polarity.

So then I get sidetracked into yet another investigation. LOL

Atlantis then emerged and was far superior in culture and technology than Lemuria.
Atlantis was destroyed by a great flood approx 10,000 years ago

The next significant civilisation was Egypt, who presence was mentioned in the old testament. It was believed to have started it's rise in power approx 10,000 years ago.

Egypt and Bagdad made their own batteries supposing to plate their jewellery.
So they had the ability of using electric power.

The "Ark of the Covenent" is said to be one Giant battery, that is why it had the power to kill all those that touched it, that were not initiated into its secret.

It has been shown that both cultures were involved in sucsessful surgery on the body, including brain surgery.
The skulls found show the recipents of this surgery lived for many years after.
Also these type of skulls were also found in the southern Americas.
They say the holes in the skulls were drilled preciecly and that the skulls began to grow back the removed part of the bone, so showed the recipents lived a long time after the event.

The Egyptians and Greeks were brilliant with mathamatics and astronomers, they even knew the world was round.
A discovery in 1901 has astounded scientific circles.
Aboard a Greek vessle sunk over 2000 years ago, they have reclaimed a mechanical device made of cogs wheels and gears, encased in a wooden case.

After years of examination they found out is was orignaly a correct working model of our solar system. This devise has now been named the Antikytheram mechanism.

In Egypt explorers have found a model glider dated to 2,000 years ago that was mathamaticaly in correct proportion, that would enable it to fly.

They say that in the Greek City of Alexandra, which many cultures travelled to as it was a seat of learning, held a huge library of ancient texts.
This library was burned and ransacked by the Romans, about 150 AD

But by Jewish Biblical reconing the Earth was created on Sunday 23rd October 4004BC

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Site Owner & Spiritual Medium

 Posted - 11 May 2006 :  10:49:58 PM  Visit GuidingLight's Homepage
It makes me wonder how people can know these things, maybe archaeological evidence can give some clues to when man was first around, but can you really imagine the first ever person saying "oh my god, I'm the first person here", "let me write the date down for future reference" did they have writing implements 15,00 years ago?, how on earth do these things get recorded

You have to ask yourself when exactly were dates started, who said that this is 1st January 0000? or whatever it may be, which brings me nicely on to the what is time topic
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Gold Member

 Posted - 15 Oct 2006 :  11:21:40 PM
I decided to look into the age of our oldest forms of communication that still exist.
This is what I found:-

The oldest dated cave painting is 36,500 years old found in Italy.
Spain and France have cave paintings that are dated at 32,000 years old
In Japan Decorated shards of pottery have been found dating 18,500 years old.
The Amazon in Brazil decorated pottery and cave art 10,000 years old.
Mestopotamia (Iraq) has the oldest cuniform writing on clay tablets at 9,000 years old.
China have cuniform writing, found on a tortoise shell. 8,600 years old.
Bulgaria has pictograms that date back 6 - 5000 years old.
Eygyption hieroglyphics are approx 4,000 years old.
Early Greek Mycenaean pottery art (story telling) 3.650 years ago

So mankind has managed in some form to record his history and way of life for over 36,000 years.

As for the start of our recorded time line e.g. 2006
It started with the birth of christianity, approx 70 years after the date of the crucifixtion, as decided by the early church.


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gold member

 Posted - 16 Oct 2006 :  10:03:39 PM
WoW Marion, I am only just getting my head around the birth of the battery lol

Michelle x
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Gold Member

 Posted - 16 Oct 2006 :  10:20:35 PM

I've lost the plot a little . How did the Earths Polarity reverse? Sorry if it's a stoopid question. At least you know what you're getting with me

Best wishes Neville
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Gold Member

 Posted - 18 Oct 2006 :  11:51:21 AM

No your question is not stupid.
You have an endearing enquiring mind, and how do we learn if we don't ask questions.

I will admit I am not an expert about this subject, but I have done some research.
Although the information I have found is little, varied and erratic, even in scientific sites.

The core of our planet is surrounded by hot molten iron which is magnetic.
the orbit of the earth keeps the molen iron spinning or vice versa.

This produces an elecrtical magnetic energy, which is what I think we call gravity.
This also produces our north and south poles.
The energy can be seen as arouras in the northen and southern hemispheres.
this is due to solar winds blowing in debris and it beging deflected by our elecrto magnetic energy.

Over a period of time the elecrtro magnetic energy begins to slow down, like a battery that is in constant use.
Some scientists think this can reduce our levels of protection against radioactivity from the Sun and our own Galaxy.
It may also cause our migrating animals problems too.
It could even be problematic for flying, radar and radio communication.
It may aslo cause climate changes on the surface techtonic plates where we live.

The reduction of energy reaches a point where either this energy blips and rights itself getting back to full power,
or other times as it slows towards zero, the energy flips and goes into reverse mode causing the polarity of this planet to reverse.

No one is sure if the planet reverses its orbit.

This has happened hundreds of times or more in the history of this planets life.
Scientists have found records of such changes near one of the tutonic ridges in the Altlantic ocean, during each magnetic cycle the lava that forms from this fault is polarised in the magnetic polarity of that time.

There seems to be a lot of debate as to how often this happens.
There are some who believe this happens approx every 5,000 years,
Others say it can happen 4 or 5 times in 10 million years.
They do agree that the cycle is not consistant and can go for relatively short or long periods without any polarity change.

All agree that a powerful shift of polarity reversal happened 780,000 years ago.
Quite a few are of the thought that it has happened a few times since this date.

No one knows for sure what happens during a polarity shift, nor how long the effects it may cause are.

We do know that mankind has survived polarity shifts.

Other information found was:-

The North pole has moved 25km in the past 12 months.

The sun and other planets also experience a polarity reversal
the Sun is known to waver every 11 years and this causes sunspot activity.

The next Sun waver towards flipping its polarities is approx 2012
This is also when the Myan callender ends.

And NO this does not mean it is the end of the world or life.
As this has happened many many times before and we are all still here.


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Gold Member

 Posted - 18 Oct 2006 :  12:07:28 PM  Visit badger's Homepage

you truly are a well of knowledge, but this topic is well above my head, its a really interesting read, and im constantly learning new things.

love and light
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Gold Member

 Posted - 18 Oct 2006 :  9:29:57 PM

Thankyou so much for the effort of your response! I was indeed aware of polarity shifts in the respect that my Compasses Magnetic North and True North are not where they were 10 years ago.

So if this is the case( and evidently it is) It would take a heck of a long time for Polarities to reverse! Therefore attributing such an event to the demise of an ancient civilisation would suggest an inability for the society of this ancient civilisation to adapt to this gradual change.

If we are to believe the likes of Graham Hancock. The Sphinx was surrounded by lush green vegetation and was weathered by appreciable ammounts of water! This in itself suggests a climatic change as now quiet clearly the Sphinx sits in arid desert.

It has been suggested that the somewhat more recent civilisation of Atlantis succumbed to the Santorini cataclysm. Lemuria is traditionally held to pre-date the Atlantean civilisation.

I am suggesting for that Polarity reversals being of such a gradual nature are not in my opinion sufficient to wipe out a civilisation!

They may however be helped along by event's like Asteroid impact's and the incomprihensible magnitude of the Toba eruption that drawfed even Tambora which in turn dwarfed Krakatoa!

Evidence continues to emerge of sunken cities. We even have our own lost Lyonesse.

Anyway being completely off topic! Thankyou for illustrating to me Polarity reversal.
It's just in my usual way of not properly understanding I thought that this Polarity reversal was the way you originally illustrated it, a sudden event!

You did'nt believe me! I told you I was stoopid lol!

Back on topic( sigh of relief) Both Lemuria and Atlantis a swathed in mystery . Both are regarded as submerged. It is rather funny( or am I being cynical again ) That our friend the bible makes reference to a cataclysmic flood. You can't help wondering if sometimes the Authos of the Bible try to make History fit.

I'll let you know when I get swallowed by a Whale.

Seriously , I have long wondered and speculated about the subject you have raised.

I thankyou for raising it here.

Best wishes Neville
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