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 Feeling Energy
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Keen Member

 Posted - 02 Oct 2002 :  9:15:29 PM
There have been times throughout my life where I find that certain places, buildings, houses, streets, towns etc, will give me a weird feeling. A sort of depressed feeling, making the place seem unpleasant to be in. Is that a normal thing for most people or am I picking up something in the area? Like for example, I have it lately in a new area I have moved to. To go into the town centre, I go along a certain road. There are houses all along this road, but a couple of them (attached houses) give me this feeling. The feeling lifts as soon as the car is past. The other houses in the road don't do it. Sounds rediculous I know, but seeing as this is a psychic site, I thought I'd mention it as someone may know what it is or have experienced it themselves. Tzu.
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Site Owner & Spiritual Medium

 Posted - 03 Oct 2002 :  01:09:27 AM  Visit GuidingLight's Homepage
Sounds like you are picking up residual energy, energy that is stored in the atmosphere or objects from the past, its rather like psychometry but without touching the object. Try something next time when you go out, by putting you hands on the walls and see what you get

Feelings like this are quite common, only sometimes we don't think about it, we just feel it and carry on as normal without stopping to think why we are feeling it, but you have thought about it, which from a development point of view is great
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Keen Member

 Posted - 03 Oct 2002 :  01:54:06 AM

Thanks Mark, I'll try that when I have the opportunity. I don't know the people in those houses, so that rules them out. But if and when I do have a chance, I will let you know the results. Tzu.
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Gold Member

 Posted - 30 Aug 2006 :  5:12:10 PM
There is a village I used pass through when using the A47 between Leicester and Peterborough that makes me feel uptight and sick.
The village is historic and now has a bypass so it can be preserved, Thank goodness, as I realy do not like driving through this creepy place.

I know it's silly but the village just creeps me out, I get cold sweats and shivers as I drive through.
The thought of stopping there even in a traffic jam makes my stomach churn as if in fear.

I know I have never lived in this part of England in this lifetime.
But I feel sure something nasty happened there.

Maybe this is psychometry of the village I am picking up on.
I feel it at this village more than any other place I have visited or journed through.

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Gold Member

 Posted - 30 Aug 2006 :  7:22:34 PM  Visit GreenEyesGal98's Homepage
When I lived in the town before where I live now, I always felt down, depressed & sick. It was a war zone as it was the place of the Civil War. Many people have done research on ghosts, seeing things, having things happen etc....for me I just could feel things whenever I went to certain areas of the town.

I guess the easiest thing is to say I can relate to Marion. Even speaking of it now makes me feel ill.

On a lighter note...I'm far from that place & never been happier!!
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Gold Member

 Posted - 30 Aug 2006 :  9:19:20 PM
marion and GreenEyesGal98,

I read with interest your postings. This phenomena is not new however aside from areas that seem to aquire and hold negative energy. There are areas that are so called dead areas. For example a housing estate built on the site of previous heavy industry. eg spoil heaps and power station waste . The natural Earth energy has been exhausted in these areas and invariably the residents are prone to suffering all kinds of ailments like depression and colds.

Ironville in Derbyshire had a very high incidence of Meningitis in Teenagers not so long back and places in the Peak had higher than average Radon Gas measurements. This all due to heavy industry draining away Earth energy and increasing the incidence of Geopathic stress.

I do not dispute the Civil War battle site theory. Insofar that if there has been a great trauma in an area incurring the loss of life then the more sensitive will get a residual impression as GLquiet rightly said. I do think however it is perhaps worth looking at all the possibilities. I am not dismissing any of the aforementioned possibilities.
marion It is quiet possible that on a deeper level you have a very bad experience associated with the village you mention. It is however worth looking at all the possibilities so that you can rule out for yourself what might be the cause.

Best wishes Neville.
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New Member

 Posted - 31 Aug 2006 :  06:25:51 AM
Last year i went to Canterbury cathedral with a friend.. i expected to feel absolutely wowed by it.. the moment i walked through the door i couldnt wait to get out again.. such a feeling of heaviness pressing down on me.. wasnt a nice feeling..

Went to Notre Dame last year too.. same pressing down feeling.. but this one actually quite wowed me.. beautiful place

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Gold Member

 Posted - 31 Aug 2006 :  4:31:26 PM
I've had similar experiences, one in particular is when I went to view a house to buy.

The house itself was bueutiful inside and out, but the menacing feel was almost overpowering. It took a lot not to just just say 'thanks' and bolt for the door.

Everywhere I went in the house something kept moving in my periphal vision, and I swear I heard a low laugh as we climbed the stairs.

THe lady who was selling the house had two small girls and i got the definite feeling of 'putting on a brave face' for us.

I found out later that the family had only lived in that house for six months.

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New Member

 Posted - 10 Apr 2007 :  01:30:48 AM
I read the topic with interest and especially the part about the civil war sites. My family and I travelled to Gettysburg last year intent on finding the site where the 20th Maine fought. We first went into the museum and the hum of the objects was so loud that I was sure that I wasn't the only one who could hear it. I can sometimes pick up bits and pieces from things and I have this urge always to touch things and feel them. Sometimes, I'd swear that my hands actually vibrate from the energy. I spent some time around the cannons and experimentally putting my hands on them to detect whether there was any energy radiating from them. Some of them did, some didn't. We had some extremely interesting things happen to us at Gettysburg and in Pennsylvania in general. I was wondering if anyone else gets the same sensations in their hands?
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