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 set of runes
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Gold Member

 Posted - 07 Aug 2002 :  7:49:35 PM
My aunt just gave me a set of runes for a late birthday present. I must say Iím quite lost, lol. Unlike tarot, which Iíve been doing for a few years, these rely more on memorizing the meanings then looking at the visualizations on the cards, itís kind of confusing and might take some time for me to get used to.

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Site Owner & Spiritual Medium

 Posted - 07 Aug 2002 :  11:39:39 PM  Visit GuidingLight's Homepage
I must admit I've never been one for runes I started to learn them for a short time but soon gave up lol, I guess its what's your used to when you first start something like this, but in all case intuition comes in to play in both runes and tarot, tarot is just easier I think because of the pictures and colours can stimulate your psyche more.
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Gold Member

 Posted - 08 Aug 2002 :  8:48:34 PM
Yeah, well Iíll try it and see if I can get anything, lol. The way I was taught to read tarot involves looking at the visuals, and getting any kind of impression that I can. This on the other hand is probably going to require a lot of time to master and will probably be a lot more challenging. I don't get much just looking at seemingly random figures, lol.

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gold member

 Posted - 08 Aug 2002 :  9:49:00 PM
Strange Tiff, I had Runes bought for me this birhday back in May!

Once I had a basic understanding of the meaning of the Runes I found that it was just as if the information came from out of the blue. This doesn't happen all the time, but when i've read people that I know it's just as if the information has come from spirit that belonged to them. I find it quite strange, it's like they are putting the thoughts into my mind and guess what it always seems to be spot on the info they give me.
I'm not an expert by any means, but I do find them enjoyable to use.

God Bless Mat
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Spiritual Medium

 Posted - 08 Aug 2002 :  11:18:04 PM
hello tiff;my niece bought me a set of runes,i must admit i found it very difficult to understand them,that was until i put them under my pillow!!!!!!!
i slept with them under my pillow for about a week and i was really surprised how the runes and i just gelled,it was amazing!!!!!
the same i found with my tarot cards,it's as though,when we sleep the cards,and the runes,our higher selves the runes and the tarot cards blend together and we become one!!!
i hope this makes sense to you,this is what happened to me!!!!!!
your letters i find very interesting reading!!!!

god bless you always


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Gold Member

 Posted - 09 Aug 2002 :  12:08:18 AM
How interesting. Perhaps i'll put my cards and runes under my pillow tonight, lol

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Gold Member

 Posted - 02 Sep 2006 :  9:40:10 PM
I have 4 sets of runes
2 sets I bought and 2 sets I made myself.

I learnt from a wonderful book called 'The Runic Workbook'
which I bought in the mid 80's

I also have a set of Runic cards, but I dont get the feel of these as much as from the other 4 sets.

The two homemade sets work best for me.


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Gold Member

 Posted - 02 Sep 2006 :  11:19:09 PM  Visit GreenEyesGal98's Homepage

Wow, you made them yourself? How intriguingly wonderful! I wish I could see. I don't know much about them as I tend to stick with the tarot since I'm so new. I think it's gr8t you opened yourself up to creating your own!
 Country: USA  ~  Posts: 2418  ~  Member Since: 21 Sep 2002  ~  Last Visit: 04 Aug 2009
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